How to Study Effectively – A Few Quick Tips

How to Study Effectively - A Few Quick Tips Here’s a few quick tips to help you study faster, more effectively, and finally pass your exams without any hassle. Credits to fullyfrugal for the awesome video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses

  1. Nishjyot Singh says:

    This video is shit …

    Dude too much editting…

    The music is toooo loud danmit

  2. Shannon Walsh says:

    Music too loud couldnt here u

  3. David Stewart says:

    Sorry I could barely understand what was being said due to the distracting
    music! Is that to train us to work through distractions? Not working for
    me I’m sorry to say!

  4. radical center says:

    I study off the internet using you tube I need more than just that I need
    straight talk with the teacher!!!!!

  5. Cheef10 says:

    well…. this helped me i had a hard time studying for my french test so
    dis kinda helped me

  6. reaper ac130 says:

    I just read the entire semister book and get 40 out of 40

  7. Shreyas K says:

    Energy Drink? hmmmm 0.o

  8. Jay G says:

    why is the music so loud

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