How to Study Abroad

Watch more College Freshman Survival Guide videos: In the past decade, international study has more than doubled …
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  1. Manya Abroad - The Princeton Review says:

    Check out 9 steps you should keep in mind while planning to study abroad.
    Also one of the key things you need to study abroad is to have a sense of

  2. The Princeton Review - Kolkata says:

    Check out 9 steps you should keep in mind while planning to study abroad.
    Also one of the key things you need to study abroad is to have a sense of
    adventure..# manyaabroad

  3. Sun Ratanakmony says:

    But i want to go study at UK,Universay of syney.this two college is my
    dream since i am 2 years old.i love two college so much ..i hope i can
    study there to meet my one lovely person ..:) :)

  4. nerdyfor books says:

    Let see:
    Wont to go to Japan
    Love the colter
    love anime/manga
    Computer savy
    shit at English even though its my first language yet I’ve barly started
    stubying Japanese and I’m picing it up pretty fast
    I think I have my plan though first I got to get through high-school with
    grate grades so I can get a scollership and I think I should get a part
    time jod

  5. metalkeith73 says:

    yeah lets show him how we do it, wow you are one of the most retarded and
    ignorant Americans i’ve seen on youtube. btw, i’m American, but i hate
    ignorant assholes like this guy

  6. A Le says:

    I studied abroad and it was awesome! (UK summer 2006). …yes you will need
    a lot of cash lawl.

  7. TheDodicat says:

    After high school, I studied in Sweden and absolutely loved it! Loved it so
    much I moved out of America to Sweden.

  8. Nawaf Al says:

    i want to study in japan! but i need the language first…

  9. JazzyXEdward says:

    I can’t wait to study abroad in South, Korea!!!! I hope I see my favorite
    k-pop artist (JYJ) on the streets some where in seoul in Korea!!!!!

  10. Nikki D says:

    can you make a video on how to get rid of your fear of shots

  11. Nichole says:

    They forgot to mention Step 10: Have a crap-ton of money.

  12. aubin quenson says:

    TEAM CHIMIE!!!! 😛

  13. JazzyXEdward says:

    @BlooWolfy I will pm you the link!!! I am studying abroad next summer to
    advance my Korean!!! The studying abroad program I am am going on, cost
    only $1,447 (I think) to $2,500. That is cheap for a 5 week program.

  14. Danielle McOrmond says:

    Not always. You’d be surprised how cheap some programs can be.

  15. azzyxsays says:

    okay, that might be possibly THE coolest dorm room i’ve ever seen…..

  16. Thegirlnextdoor42 says:

    There is this girl in my class, and she got a scholarship to go to France
    over the summer to study “french” I guess. Problem is she wont shut up
    about it! ugh she is so annoying!

  17. Tomy1116 says:

    i wish i could study in UK, but it costs a lot of money on tuition, cost of
    living, and so on. My family has to pay over a hundred thousand per year
    which is definitely a huge burden to my family. Personally, this video
    didn’t help me as a whole, but i believe some people will get what they

  18. sabrina angel says:

    It is my dream!!!

  19. Hayley Lam says:

    the thing u need the most is money

  20. Martin R. Cruz says:

    So do I. But more likely in Martial arts style whether it’s Ba gua, Snake
    fist, Wushu, Xing Yi Quan or San Shou because I wanna look into being a
    fight choreographer.

  21. katebarmotina says:

    I want to study abroad in Russia!

  22. Benjamin Delattre says:


  23. Juhsayngul says:

    Thinking of studying in Argentina or Chile.

  24. solace00assassin says:

    @DoubleL1996 korea is just as cold as the UK.

  25. snarebawesome says:

    @Lintassimilator how to be bitchier than all the people who dis on the
    states, even though there are vastly more college graduates from the US
    than any other nation. and dont give me any percentages, because no small
    country in europe deals with half the problems the US does with its size,
    both geographically and by population.

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