How to stop an attacking dog assault from biting a victim – AKBAN Self defense Bite release

Shmulik B. a professional dog trainer and an AKBAN academy veteran, – shows how to get an assaulting dog to release its bite. This will work on any dog, any wolf, any…
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24 Responses

  1. Franz Ritzel says:

    This is why youtube exists! Thanks for the informative video, keep up the
    good work!

  2. ROBwithaB says:

    *Curious to know what your strategy would be if YOU are the target of the
    I have had to defend myself from dog attacks quite often in the past, and
    reacted mostly on instinct. I try to drop down a bit so that I can make
    sure I keep my balance and focus intently on the dog’s face. I normally
    make eye contact and do a very low-pitched growling bark/shout to warn the
    dog, trying to portray as much malice/aggression/ dominance as possible.
    The dog will often back off at this point in any case if it senses that
    you’re not scared.
    With smaller dogs, it is possible to time a kick to the throat as they
    launch forward.
    With bigger dogs, they sometimes go for the groin. In this case I turned
    slightly to protect my nuts and at the same time aimed my knee into the
    dog’s throat. (I was carrying my daughter in my arms at the time, so wasn’t
    able to punch the throat.)
    If it jumps up for the arm, a punch to the throat is effective.
    Yes, it can be difficult to get the timing right, and yes, you might kill
    somebody’s dog, or you might “provoke” the dog, but if the dog is attacking
    in any case, I figure you may as well give it a shot. Got nothing to lose,
    really. And being very pro-active and “alpha male” seems to ward off about
    90% of potential attacks, thereby actually SAVING the dog from harm. In any
    case, most of these reactions were basically split-second instinctual
    reactions, based on a rational analysis before-hand of what I would do in a
    certain situation, IF it ever happened again. I suppose I sort of trained
    myself, and the training took over.
    But these are just my personal experiences as a layman. I’d be interested
    to find out what the “right way is of dealing with this situation.

  3. michelle88960 says:

    Good to know. I remember when my old German Shepherd was not well and had
    difficulty walking, an Akita attacked him and knocked him to the ground
    biting him. It must have been my adrenaline, but I grabbed the Akita by
    it’s collar and lifted it off the ground. I don’t know to this day how I
    found the strength to lift such a big dog but I knew my old boy couldn’t
    fight back. My arms hurt for days after. I must have pulled a muscle. But
    it’s amazing where you get the strength from when needed. If I had seen
    this video before the attack I would have used this technique. sadly my old
    boy’s passed away now, but he protected me all his life it was the least I
    could do for him when his body had failed him. That’s him in my picture.

  4. Joan Corber says:

    easily one, , take the spray and shoot on his face, not a lot, just for and
    that’s ok

  5. Mardi Versteegh says:

    how am i supposed to lift my dog if he weights 80 kilo???

  6. Dave Spinn says:

    Smooly says to use a belt to “chalk” the dog….

  7. Freddie D. Douglass says:

    I carry a .45 and all of this happens so fast, all I need to do is draw the
    weapon and shoot the dog. Then I go for the owner. Problem solved. 

  8. Gabriel Lander says:

    bullshit. make collar. hahaha.grab tge front legs from behind make and
    force its body downward. than push your fingers inyo its eyehole it will
    let go. with a bull you dont have time to unbelt and do a makeshift collar.
    not to mention the dog wont wait yoi to get around its neck. dogs wont wait
    to your fabrication.

  9. dopex2xdeath says:

    Us black people have the best solution….run!!! Lol, might not be as fast
    as I used to but probably the only thing the dog could try to bite are my
    moving legs (leading to it getting kicked) or my tshirt which I could

  10. Joan Corber says:

    Lynn, that means to carry the spray full time on your travel bag, but that
    must be better on beneffits than to see your little and lovely pet killed,
    also you / your child, injured¡
    thought if someones of these mastiffs propietors are on the strait way for
    to get one as a friend as
    lots of young ppl’s on mine, they’re walking with these breed of dogs and
    playing illegal fights. authorities try for to take the silence’s way,
    usually, over this trouble..
    thats sadly because one dog isn’t a bad or terrific animal, he are just the
    owner copy.¡¡. good luck dear ..¡¡
    i love animal kingdom, but hate the violence as a fence’s border of this
    fascism show.¡¡

  11. Adam B says:

    Where exactly is that spot you push in at the neck to trigger the gag

  12. cCCCombo Breaker says:

    That’s all wrong. What you do is lift both of it’s back legs up, and kick
    it in the testicles. It stops them if you do it enough times and trust me
    they won’t keep trying to attack.

  13. Daisy Fields says:

    wow thanks thats handy to know mind if its a child id probably sooner kill
    it as much as i love dogs my babies or anyones babies come first but if its
    an animal on animal attack this is good to know 

  14. itlfa2009 says:

    How about kick the fucking dog in the head or ribs as hard as you can
    repeatedly until it lets go, or better yet, shoot the the damn thing in the
    brain pan. 

  15. pedro lopes says:

    or just pick a glass bottle or any hard object and smack the dog’s head
    with it!
    a dog’s life is not worth more than a person’s life.

  16. LastOfTheMaguas says:

    lol, what an ideal situation you remedied there ..

    This vid reminds me of that guy who sat on an alligator at the golf

  17. faultroy says:

    Outstanding presentation, and this is the correct an best method based on
    my own experiences. Definitely worth while. Thank You. 

  18. Kenneth shaheen jr. says:

    Do these techniques work on pit bulls which are known for not letting go or
    is a break stick your only option with this kind of dog?

  19. Boromonkey says:

    Or just shoot the violent beast several times……..Taking care to avoid
    the victim.

    Or cut it’s neck with your knife…..

    You do carry a gun and or a good knife, right?

  20. Martin Mellembakken says:

    Police have sendt dogs at me several times wen I was a teenager this is not
    how they attack and also this is not how to protect your ass against
    attacking dogs, 

  21. tony soprano says:

    training them to bite palestinians huh ?

  22. Helldober says:

    I wouldnt fucking make a collar for lifting the pitbull….i would fucking
    make it for strangle the dog to death!!!!

  23. joe blow says:

    Give me a small to medium sized Louisville Slugger and a garden hose hooked
    up to a water supply that can pump out 10 gals a minute or better and I’ll
    take on any dog on the planet.

  24. abel wayne says:

    Hell, I don’t care about hurting the damn dog. I would simply use an
    equalizer and eliminate the problem.

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