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  1. Sage brush says:

    I use himalayan salt to get minerals. I read that sole which is made from
    himalayan salt helps aid in detoxification also while supporting the cells
    in the body.

  2. Kashkaani Aspen says:

    Best videos out here! Thank you for just being normal

  3. Debbie Maddox says:

    Something in this video has helped me immensely. the comment that the body
    will pull you back into the sad way of eating. but just go back to the raw
    foods. I have felt so bad and guilty going back and forth. then just gave
    up now I am diabetic with heart issues have had a stroke, I have seizures.
    so I am on oodles of meds and I want off. Thank you so much I am going to
    get back to it now.

  4. Kim Ward says:

    I was looking for informative recipes, I found this massively pretentious
    not gonna lie. I’m a vegan and a realist and looking to adopt a raw
    lifestyle but there is a lot of pseudoscience and ego in all the videos
    that I watch! Maybe I’m missing something? Someone suggest a real link?

  5. Elishabeth Winckler says:

    I’ve been on a Raw health life for several months now and getting great
    ideas from your videos. Is there a School that you can recommend for
    Certification so I can inspire those around me and perhaps be able to teach
    in some of the organizations I am involved in? Some are asking for
    “Certification”. Thanks,

  6. johnathan stith says:

    wonderful video bro 

  7. Lars Vogel says:

    You need some muscle and fat on you brother…..

  8. Khwaab says:

    Dan, THANK YOU ever so much! I’ve watched all 4 parts and really learnt and
    felt inspired. You’re indeed a gem for sharing your knowledge and I really
    like how you acknowledge the Creator of all of us and how you dare to stand
    up for a belief in God despite the current state of the world where ppl are
    ridiculed for believing. Indeed, what we eat, how we think and our deeds
    are all connected. Anyway, PLEASE can you make a vid about what to choose
    in the beginning? A juicer or blender? The info out there is very
    confusing. Especially since companies like Vitamix have had fierce
    marketing to make it sound like a 500£ blender is what we need to eat a raw
    diet. I’m on a very limited budget but want to go fully raw a.s.a.p. Thanks
    again! Peace!

  9. chronic vidz says:

    Doctors say eat a fist size amount of vegies a day even is good

  10. crimsonspice72 says:

    It’s called The Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

  11. Sally Vernon says:


  12. WorldTruthSociety says:

    why don’t you just eat raw food loose weight naturally and save your money?

  13. happy life says:

    thank you !!!!! i will try this

  14. skaterdude1553 says:

    love this guy!

  15. Josef Roesler says:

    I sat through 30 minutes of you yapping about nothing so I could see the
    lemon ginger smoothie and you didn’t even do it. Nice.

  16. MyMysticMama says:

    have always loved your raw-realness, but “leave the kids, it’ll make it
    more real”….really love that!!! <3

  17. Wendy Allred says:

    I’ve listened for 18 minutes and haven’t seen any juice, smoothie, or salad

  18. overageist says:

    Google : breatharian

  19. phantom2468 says:

    I just started in the transition. I am using spinach, cucumber, lettuce,
    pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and avocado and broccoli. How is this for
    a start in a transition phase?

  20. Vera Loo says:

    A pack of seeds is 50 cents, way less than that can of soup your munching
    on. Water is free. Get a garden and go from there!

  21. Rob Sutton says:

    I bought that Breville juicer at a local thrift store for $15. The best
    juicer I have used.

  22. Nancy Popowski says:

    Fruit is very detoxifying, so your flare ups are the result of the body
    eliminating toxins. Most people have stagnant lymphatic systems which shows
    up as rashes, acne etc.

  23. Lucas Anastacio says:

    the book you said ? was it the essene gospel of peace ? im really currious
    i want to read it

  24. Lawrence Harasim says:

    I’m not a total raw foodist yet but your my favorite person to watch
    ….thanks dan!!

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