How To Start A Raw Food Diet: The Easy Way

I get lots of questions asking how to start a raw food diet. This video contains the basics of how to make some simple changes to your daily meal plan to achieve great results. http://www.rawsynerg…
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23 Responses

  1. Rebecca Ruth says:

    I would like to know if frozen fruits are acceptable in winter months for
    really super broke people :)

  2. Lando CALRISSIAN says:

    “..Go with what works for you…” Good advice! ;)

  3. Angelee Mercado says:

    Love your videos I want to give raw diet a try.
    how many meals and how often in a day?

  4. Trisha Hoffman says:

    So do you eat unlimited calories of fruit? I have heard this and am new to
    the vegan lifestyle. I am 30lbs overweight and am scared to eat that much

  5. Cosmic Carrie says:

    nice channel

  6. Evan Melton says:

    what is the best way to store your fruit? do you have problems with fruit
    flies during the summer?

  7. Kelly Granite Enck says:

    We are in the same “tribe”, I love your rawsynergytv Videos! I am over 50,
    and used the raw food diet to help me through Menopause and to Reverse the
    Aging Process. I have been a Raw Foodist for over 5 years.
    I have heard that if you take the same vitamin every day, that your body
    will stop making that particular one, making you dependent on it. If you
    feel you are missing a mineral, which everyone on the planet is— we can
    take that mineral for three weeks reminding our body to make it and then
    stop. I am getting my nutrients from an all live diet and “natural
    estrogen” from flax crackers and from drinking a pound of leaves a day. If
    anyone wants to experiment with the raw food diet and enjoy another Raw
    Foodist’s Channel. I invite you to my channel “Kelly Granite Enck” Raw
    Food Alchemist. Love Kel

  8. MissCherie Cherie says:

    isnit expensiv to eat everyday 10 organic bananas? why must bee healthy
    food expensiv :/

  9. Poggy Hatton says:

    Hi. Do you have any advice for being raw vegan in the uk. I’d love to eat
    delicious fruit all day but it doesn’t make sense here in the uk as it is
    not growing apart from during the warmer months. Thanks

  10. Garry Burgess says:

    inspiring. I’m going to follow your advice.

  11. victoria arnstein says:

    Great advice!!!!

  12. SHEDINI says:

    Go #raw Get #Healthy yall….

  13. joey jojo jnr says:

    Love this!!! I’m a high raw vegan but am attempting to go all raw! so

  14. Victoria Belz says:

    Ok, she lost me when she said “cut down on coffee” Is coffee really that
    bad? I’d like to know as I drink about 2 cups of coffee a day. 

  15. Debra Wilkinson says:

    I was in until you mentioned no coffee!! Great video, thanks for your time
    to educate us. x

  16. Evolve432 says:

    i think good fat is necessary for healthy body. Your body may need certain
    fats, maybe some from animals products. Some vegetables may also need to b
    cooked some as they may be toxic in raw form. Too much of even fruits or
    vegetables may not be too good for you and excess will not be utilized by
    the body and just pooped out.

  17. Sam Shamash says:

    Less talk more action. 

  18. Evolve432 says:

    i can barely eat 1 banana before getting full, how do u eat 10 bananas ?

  19. Sam Shamash says:

    There is no easy way, just do it. 

  20. ynmamflm says:

    Greens, greens, greens.

  21. hiphopkindoflives says:


  22. Terra Roselle says:

    This was so, so helpful. Thank you. :)

  23. Heidi Riley says:

    Instead of only recommending only fruit for breakfast, why not encourage
    getting more raw greens into the diet with a green smoothie for a power
    packed breakfast! Water, chia or flax seeds, raw spinach & some kale/chard
    other greens, then add in your fruits of choice! My breakfast every
    morning. Greens make awesome skin, hair & nails & major cleansing &
    energy!! : ) Happy Eating!!!

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