How to Soundproof a Home Theatre Room

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8 Responses

  1. 1Shignog says:

    Why are you using such a think drywall board then doubling it again for
    the life of me i can not think of a good reason to do that just buy a
    thicker drywall and save time and money.

  2. Roycekok says:

    love this 720HD video , you are smart guy.supports…Please post more HD
    video..million thanks.

  3. magna chisel says:

    great job, very clear, good job of production overall. Would love to hear
    your comments on use of regular drywall versus Quietrock, QR claim their
    sheet is equivalent to six sheets of regular drywall, huh !

  4. Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply Inc says:

    If you are looking to soundproof a home theatre (or any area) we now stock
    Roxul insulation products, discover the difference. Watch how easy it is to
    soundproof your spaces with Roxul. #DIY

  5. Ramon van der Woning says:

    Actually you are not supposed to double the drywall on the inside of the
    home theater rooms. This stiffens the wall too much and affects the sound
    in the room. The walls needs to “flex” with the sound. If the rest is
    properly done, sound outside the room is not an issue. In other soundproof
    room setups doubling may be fine but not for home theaters.

  6. kalel8985 says:

    I was wondering if you need to double up on the drywall if you have cement
    walls in the basement? Also could i use safe and sound against the
    concrete? would it give me r value? I live in canada so it gets cold here

  7. yerbamatedude says:

    Okay what If I’m trying to soundproof the ceiling ? But it’s already

  8. Mark Fodchuk says:

    Simple and well explained. Thanks.

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