How to Solder – The Basics

Basic soldering techniques video. Soldering is easy to learn. Here’s how to… Using: Yubright 0.7mm 60/40 Resin Core Solder (Lead free is also available) Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron…
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  1. ExperienceLOS7713 says:

    Really interesting video. Is it weird that I watch this to fall asleep?

  2. ThePrettyeyes341 says:

    I’m sorry this a nice video but I couldnt help but laugh when he said in a
    kind of Mr. Rogers tone…”always clean the tip” lol. Remember boys always
    clean the tip…..HAAAAA HAAAA

  3. Concepcion Amancio says:

    Excellent…you are a master at soldering…we both must have learned from
    the same teacher…thank you…

  4. Walter's Playground says:

    You did well.

    What I find is coating the copper wire with a flux paste (a “tinning flux”)
    greatly helps in heat transfer and wetting as well as preventing copper
    oxides from forming. The solder flows almost instantaneously all over the
    fluxed joint (capillary action). That way you aren’t applying as much heat
    to the join and your coating/insulation will not melt.

  5. Akshat Srivastava says:

    Amazing video it helped me a lot

  6. bigboogertz says:

    You should teach a course in electronics! Nicely done. Thanks for the

  7. danny tygart says:

    Very informative! Great camera work. Everyone, listen up! When making how
    to videos this is the correct way. Great lighting, correct distance, able
    to see exactly step by step how to do it. 

  8. Jason White says:

    Thank you for this well done video.

  9. Fyrecide says:

    I have a question:

    Is it important to have a 60/40 mix of tin/lead? I’m a newbie to soldering
    and I’m attempting a project and having trouble, and I think the solder I’m
    using might be the issue.

    I’m using the thin spool that the cheap iron I bought came with (was $10
    for the iron + small spool of solder). It said on the package of the solder
    that it is something like 99% tin. The problem I’m having is I can’t “tin”
    the tip of the iron, not can I “tin” the tip of the wires I’m using for the
    aforementioned project. What happens is the solder either 1) doesn’t melt
    if I touch it to the very tip of my pencil-tipped soldering iron, or 2) if
    I touch the solder further down the base of the tip [where it’s hotter for
    some reason], the solder immediately burns upward toward the spool and
    “balls up”, leaving no solder on the iron whatsoever.

    Another problem with the tip of the iron is that if I do like you say and
    touch the tip of the iron to the wire and then touch solder to the wire,
    nothing happens; don’t know if the tip of the iron just isn’t hot enough
    and therefore isn’t transferring the heat to the wire properly, or if the
    solder I’m using just isn’t the right kind… or probably both?

    FYI, I am using the aforementioned 99% “electrical rosin-core” solder (very
    thin), a cheap 3M 30w pencil-tip soldering iron, and 22-gauge copper
    wiring. I am attempting to build my own “Scuff Gaming Controller” which
    simply put, is just a regular XBOX ONE controller with a couple of extra
    momentary tactile buttons added to it & soldered to the small copper plates
    of the controller’s circuit board.

    However, due to the issues I’m facing, I am finding it impossible to even
    solder the wires to the terminals of the buttons, much less to the circuit
    board. Everything else, including drilling the holes and knowing what to
    solder to where, I am perfectly fine with. I’ve tested everything and it
    works great! I just need to “finalize” it, as it were, via soldering.

    Got any advice? Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  10. Ken Berg says:

    Learning how to wire a power bus for my Lionel post-war 027 layout. The
    power drops to the bus are soldered to the underside of the tubular track
    every 10′ or so. Thanks!

  11. Abida Babida says:

    Thank. pretty helpful. fixing my tabletop multi arcade machine’s
    joystick. now i can play ms pacman again!!

  12. Guinelle1 says:

    awesome job man.. youre definitely a pro but just wondering why you dont
    use one of those stands to hold the wire? i hate trying to solder and the
    wires are moving all the fucking time

  13. Oriana Ruelas says:

    I didnt understand where the pigtail aires came from all of a sudden

  14. ppdoriginal says:

    Thanks for the video… really helpful… 

  15. Chris Skates says:

    Very well done sir. Trying to install a car stereo and wanted to solder new
    harness. Didn’t trust but splicers. But had never soldered. Will try this

  16. 223elzey says:

    Thank you. Very helpful. Excellent, clear photography.

  17. MultiMusicianman says:

    Thanks, very helpful, now I have to go practice so that I can get it down
    to a science.

  18. nepaliman says:

    Thank you

  19. ghreeb dar says:

    that was helpful
    thank you

  20. Nero Darkmass says:

    Great video really helped a lot.

  21. Kaleb Fastuca says:


  22. Niche Kimball says:


  23. Gunny Marine says:

    Helped me out a great deal thanks alot 

  24. Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

    Really should have watched this video BEFORE I attempted some soldering! At
    least a know where I went wrong! Thanks internet soldering dude!

  25. Rich Norton says:

    thanks mate were very helpful 

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