How to Shock Anything & Fry Electronics with a Touch!

I have made a new version of this device that can be seen here: In this video I show how to make a device that allows the user to gain the power…
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25 Responses

  1. TheAyJayMan g says:

    So basically, you become a wizard.

  2. Todd Clark says:

    Is it safe to use on people? I highly intend to build it and piss off my
    friends to the point where i no longer have friends

  3. Ryan Chang says:

    is this bad for you? Like if you use it often will it be unhealthy for your

  4. Ryan L says:

    You have the ability of dustomancy! Power over all dust motes!

  5. USNVA says:

    Those with pace makers or cardioinverter defibrillators should not wear
    this device.

  6. Jared Duddie says:

    Now what would happen if you had one of these in each leg so that you could
    have more electricity? 

  7. th3thin9 says:

    0:50 song name?

  8. Dr.Anything10 says:

    Can you troll people by high diving them or is that unsafe

  9. Quinton D says:

    One could say it turns fine particles into a Darude – Sandstorm

  10. Pro Zilla says:

    (sniff)… I smell a TROLL coming along

  11. lolo louis says:

    I have been getting shocked every time i touch something metal or even
    fabric, i can hear sparks when I’m taking my clothes off i need to know why
    and how can i stop it please help

  12. tHE cOMUNIST pIZZA says:

    Would you sell me one of those?

  13. Call Of Deadly says:

    wait can you shock things with your hand? or do you HAVE to hold something

  14. ungens unnomfaux says:

    What if you just use a flash charger like in the throwable photo maker
    (sorry im french) it will charge the capacitor like this and its less
    expensive like 5€ or 8$ maybe :-)

  15. Evol lion says:

    Human railgunnnnnnnnn :’D now we need is a teleporting lesbian

  16. T. Ryan Skinner says:

    Is this even safe???

  17. Sam Mac says:

    +William Davis
    2 hydrogen molecules + 1 oxygen molecule = water

  18. Matthew Davis says:

    I still wanna know how to make the electric thing from the Skrillex –
    Bangarang music video

  19. Eugene Gillette says:

    OH MY

    SO COOOOLL!! XD -Michael

  20. tommy adler-mandile says:

    Lesson 1, Dustomancy!

  21. Oliver Casey says:

    take a walk on the beach

  22. FallenZero says:

    this reminds me of “a certain scientific railgun”

  23. Sid Ramachandran says:

    If you are John Chang you dont need this.

  24. Ike Yob says:

    you could run the swich on a wire up to your pocket and conceal the entire
    devise under your jeans

  25. Jeffrey Wong says:

    What kind of soldering iron do you use? Mine is horrible and is barely hot
    enough to melt my soldering wire. 

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