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  1. AudioholicsLIVE says:
  2. Garrettthief says:

    I am really suprised when you came to the rear speakers. I can´t believe
    that they should really be directly to the left/right of your ear. I always
    thought they should be more behind you.

  3. Mendo Vasilevski says:

    Nice one. Bet heaps of sellers don’t know this :)

  4. Nishad Kaippally says:


  5. Frank Venegas says:

    My reciever only has one subwoofer pre out and my subwoofer only has the
    speaker wire connections. Can I buy a separate amp for the subwoofer and
    then connect that to the reciever? Any help please I have no idea what I’m

  6. Fourstringplayer Bassman says:

    I am a pro live band member that has been using the standard (multi-channel
    input/2channel stereo line level output) mixers for years!? We are wanting
    to insert a dolby 5.1 surround sound effect between the line level mixer
    outputs and the powerful amps we have driving our huge speaker cabinets? We
    have changed the standard concert stage setup by using the headphone jack
    (used by the sound man) and the aux/sub sends (used by the on stage
    monitors) to give us 6 completly sepertate and tweekable line level
    outputs. I said all that to ask in a home theater receiver (with no preamp
    jacks on the back only speaker connections) is there a connection between
    the dolby process stage (the IC board) and the power amp stage (IC board)
    that the 6 channels can be diverted? I know all 6 channels have to be
    amplified separately But is it all on one IC board or is there a pin-ribbon
    connector between them? Could this even be doable? LIVE SURROUND SOUND IN A

  7. Crafting With Luigi says:


  8. SalemMillion says:

    I got a new home theater days ago with satellite speakers in my bedroom and
    i got that weird uncomfortable feel on left ear like some one just screamed
    on my ear, my front left speaker is facing a big wooden cabinet(I’m looking
    for a mount or custom made wood so it can face my position of seating
    instead of the wooden cabinet) and my bed is on the end of the wall where
    my surround speakers or on the corners and the center speaker is below my
    head level and between my bed and the center speaker there is a hard
    surface i will get a rug for that soon, i know i have done a lot of
    mistakes with my home theater but which one do i focus with first ?

  9. Pascal Noreau says:

    *How To Set Up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System*

    #hometheater #hometheaterinstallation #hometheatersystem #Audio #TV

  10. collin lee says:

    Speaker setup

  11. Abani Pattnaik says:

    How to Set up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System:

  12. Tai gu Rho says:

    We were watching a movie at home comfortably with the development of

  13. Vylkeer says:

    Central channel is basically pointless. The perfect setup would be a 4.1 or
    4.2 system. The ones that go like 7.1, 9.1 or 11.2.4 are just pointless
    since nothing is mixed with so many channels. The central speakers instead,
    could even ruin your setup because they generally aren’t that good. 

  14. richalei leah dospueblos says:

    How can i connect the usb in the sub woofer? How can you play it.. please
    reply. Thanks. 

  15. siIvermate says:

    I’m a straight guy, but I can still notice how hot this guy is.

    Anyways, are center channels supposed to be underpowered compared to the
    other speakers? my center has a mid-range like 1/3 the size of my

  16. Enosh Yeluchuri says:

    clearly it shows that u are reading from something! Great video BTW

  17. GTA120GTA says:

    that’s an Illuminati sign right there ^_^

  18. Karthik K says:

    Very clear and put in simple layman terms! Thank you!

  19. MEER DER IDEEN® says:

    Why couldn’t you talk free without a script?

  20. Rozay Lewis says:
  21. Karman Hardon says:
  22. John Thomas says:

    All too basic, didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know! This guy is
    creepy …

  23. familyguylover23 says:

    Fucking hell…

  24. richanmel says:

    Cue cards much?

  25. Taufiq Raymer says:

    It’s like he’s speaking through me. Stop reading the script lol!

    Good tips anyway. Thumbs up.

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