How to repair your lawn mower pull starter

If your mower is stored out doors and the engine doesnt turn over when you pull the cord chances are that the recoil has built up some sort of corrosion or is sticking. A very simple repair…

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  1. Bonnie Smith says:

    Thanks! Helpful!

  2. Tiffany goodness says:


    I love this video and thanks for doing it. I wanted to see if you could
    help me out. I have exactly same mower. The problem I am having is that my
    ropes does not go in at all. I just purchased the whole rewind pull start

    I have taken the old/broken assembly out of the mower. The problem I am
    having is how to disassemble it and replace it with the new one. Please
    help out. God bless.

  3. Jakop Petersson says:

    This video was very helpful! Thank you!

  4. Thang Hoang says:

    Thanks for this video. It was very helpful. I have a Craftsman edger and
    recoil is sticking and sometimes doesn’t rewind the starter cable. I’m
    going to try it lubricating it tomorrow.

  5. mikey mouse says:

    the “dogs” he means palls

  6. goju1977 says:

    I found this to be helpful, Thank you.

  7. tigertruckerman says:


  8. RoncoShop says:


  9. Tabitha Morgan says:

    The hardest part about doing any repair is getting the damn parts.
    Particularly when there’s no small engine store around. And if there is one
    they’re like, “We can order it for you.” and I’m just like, dude if I
    wanted to order it I’d go order it off the net and probably get free
    shipping and no sales tax. UGH

  10. samiam4114 says:

    worked like a charm. thank you so much 🙂

  11. Tiny Teardrops says:

    Your recoil spring needs to be wound tighter, so it grabs immediately,
    versus allowing it to come out about a foot before it grabs, if you do
    that, it will give you more rotation for each starting pull, therefore,
    making it easier to start with less pulls.

  12. MacKeeper Review says:

    Nice one! You could make a nice few quid for yourself doing these small
    little fixes for your neighbours!

  13. accountname0 says:

    Thanks this is helpful to me. I faced this problem a few times when I
    wanted to mow the lawn when my dad’s at work..

  14. accountname0 says:

    Lol thx.. i took it apart and injected some lub into it. it worked fine for
    a while.. then after sitting for 5mins.. its skipping again..


    you are missing 1 screw there’s supposed to be three screws not 2

  16. Glockenator says:

    I don’t even bother with them when they break. I rip the pull starter off
    and start it with a drill

  17. TheGeneralOfWar says:

    Thanks much, found out the prong thingys were not sticking out, fixed it.

  18. This Dang Car says:

    @andthesunsets Glad I could help, make sure you stay safe operating lawn
    equipment when your folks arent home, make sure you let a neighbor know to
    keep an ear open as accidents happen

  19. schadara says:

    Is the pull line supposed to be retracted fully back into the engine?
    Sometimes I see the pull line hooked to the handle bars… it doesn’t seem
    to make any difference in terms of starting and engine operation to me.

  20. Langdon Barons says:

    1975 model

  21. C0LL1N says:


  22. TheSteelman78 says:


  23. skate30012 says:

    My flippers broke and i cant get to the assembly because this screw was way
    over tighted and cant get it off what should i do

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