How to repair a white heat stain on wood furniture.wmv

How to remove a “heat stain” on wooden furniture.
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  1. Gillian Davies says:

    thank you lovely guy from nova scotia! I like your kitchen being the same
    as us all over the world.. I am in Australia! xx thanks for the steam iron
    tip too..

  2. madoogliani says:

    Quick caution: if you’re using a steam iron, do NOT have steam coming out
    of it. I tried this on a coffee cup ring, and it got that out within 10-20
    seconds, but where steam had been coming out of the back of the iron over
    bare table top, a much, MUCH bigger stain was created. Aaargh. Took me an
    hour of work (with a now water-free iron to make sure it didn’t happen
    again, on a medium setting) to get (almost all of) the bigger mark out.

  3. john groetch says:

    Be careful – this will only work if you have a polyurethane finish – it
    will ruin a varnished piece so I’d recommend that you check before you use

  4. Jack Silberrad says:

    My mother could literally have eaten me alive after I ‘burnt’ a circle the
    size of an orange into our hallway table. After using a folded T-shirt and
    iron the mark came right out! Like it was never there at all- I’ll check
    back later tonight to see if it has lasted but what a great initial result!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Quixote1818 says:

    Thank you so much! Worked perfectly and I had a HUGE white mark from a
    pizza box bottom spreading out a good six inches in all directions.

  6. Shawn Kirkham says:

    This worked well! I surprised my wife by doing this the next day before
    she got home, and she thought I bought a new table. LOL..Thanks for this

  7. Nurulalam Yaakub says:

    Saved my table. It works, thanks!!

  8. Scott Orton says:

    I’m back in my wife’s good book again. Thanks

  9. Dana Cairns says:

    Worked well, it wasn’t a heat stain but an alcohol stain left from a shot
    glass. Thank you!

  10. Ed Ward says:

    Good info, it would be helpful to remind folks that they MUST use steam.
    Using a hot iron without steam may achieve different results.

  11. teri hinkle says:

    wow this worked thank you soooo much

  12. 9lucky4me says:

    This worked great where steam had penetrated our Chinet plates and plastic
    woven placemats through to the wood finish. Just takes very few seconds.
    Keep iron moving and rub t-shirt vigorously in direction of grain like he
    said. Redo if necessary. Thank you SO MUCH for saving our table!!!!!!

  13. Thomas Ridgway says:

    I just tried this and it worked Great!! Thanks!!!

  14. Jerry Roudebush says:

    Holy sh!t this works!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  15. justsayjay says:

    works 100% awesome! thanks

  16. Mark Alexander says:

    This worked for me too – thanks a million for the tip. I have a nearly new
    table and somebody set a hot plate on it and created a white heat stain
    (and as it turned out, my extended warranty didn’t cover this, or much of
    anything else. This method made the stain disappear in about 30 seconds.

  17. Peter Mathieson says:

    From Auld Scotland to Nova Scotia well done and thanks worked a treat.

  18. Kerri hynes says:

    Worked for me too! YAY!

  19. Georgia says:

    It worked!!!!!!!! Thank you!!

  20. FlusherBox says:

    My mum was freaking out when she found a white mark on her furniture so i
    did this when she was at work and surprised her! Thanks for this!!

  21. cidersnob says:

    Thank you for the video evidence Rodney! You gave me the courage to try it
    on our dining room table – and it worked like a charm!

  22. tomds99 says:

    this actually works 🙂

  23. gamerfan2004 says:

    If the stain is bad, you’ll need to go over it a little bit more than
    normal. However, this works like a charm! Thanks noreaster78!

  24. shishir srivastava says:

    It worked, it just worked for me guys. You are awesome, you save my nice
    coffee table and money. 🙂

  25. naviwuvi TdotNycHtown says:

    Yay Canada! Thanks for this 🙂

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