How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Aquarium

Hard Water Stains on Aquarium? Remove them without chemicals, without scratching – in minutes – using nothing more than a soft (natural) pumice stone and clear water… Results are real time…
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22 Responses

  1. SirSebastian BubblesMike says:
  2. Jason Grooms says:

    Totally thought that was a fudgesicle

  3. 824Photography says:

    Ice cream bar ?

  4. Robert William says:

    Thank you! It works perfect and now I know, it will clean the glass shower
    door. I’ve been looking for years for this trick/method Thanks again

  5. Jennifer Borrink says:

    Would be nice if ya mentioned what it was you were using to clean that, it
    looked like a chocolate ice cream bar. 

  6. TheOneCleanHippy says:

    Where’d you get a soft natural pumice stone? All the ones I’ve seen online
    are either imitation pumice or heavy duty pumice.

  7. Louis Costa says:

    Stating the obvious here, some commentary or subtitles are in order. Next

  8. logro logro says:


  9. idiether says:
  10. Nsatiro says:


  11. Moon Pie says:

    Can you use one of those Mr Clean things? I’ve used them on all sorts of
    things including my MacBook with excellent results! I’m always afraid I’ll
    scratch my glass in my aquarium ;(

  12. IceWater Haze says:

    use a dildo to clean the tank ???

  13. Martin Granzow says:

    Is that a popsicle?

  14. amanda bringman says:

    Its a Pumice stone and water

  15. OoMASEoO says:

    A vibrator? 

  16. Seth Harris says:


  17. Carter Norris says:

    Um ok ill try my 10 gal is bad I went to camp and my tank was dead when I
    got home

  18. brandy farmer says:

    can,t you find this rock in a river to do the same thing and plz if u know
    the name of it tell me plz?

  19. Alexis Chaz says:

    i use sandpaper

  20. Rooster says:

    I use a razor blade. Works pretty well. Gets MOST of the stain. Injury very
    light stain left. but be careful you don’t knick the seal around the

  21. Shawn Ellison says:

    I tried it and it removed some of the deposits but it still left much of
    the ring around the aquarium. plus it took a huge amount of work just to
    get a little off. There has to be a better way!!

  22. Damian young says:

    Hey thanks,great video

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