How to Remember Your Polyatomics

The following episode looks at the quirky phrase of “Nick the Camel ate a Clam for Supper in Phoenix” to remember the Polyatomic ions. Download the full episode from iTunes by typing “PapaPodcasts …
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25 Responses

  1. Greg Smith says:

    Uuuuuuhhhhh. This is cool an all, but it doesn’t really help much when I
    have to memorize 28 polyatomic ions. Guess the only way is to just grind
    out a shitload of studying. :P

  2. Nicholas Houston says:

    So useful thank you!

  3. Ivis Orozco says:
  4. Sofa Leone says:

    Thank you so much for this video! 😀 

  5. farzi farin says:

    hes probably the best teacher that students ever had 

  6. Cleopatra says:

    Thanks! Gonna help in my finals!

  7. fuzibunny 3 says:

    thank you so much for posting this vid! it really helped me out!

  8. Sierra Hultgren says:

    My brother explained this to me but it wasnt 100% clear. This totally made

  9. Kayna Richards says:

    This helped so much. Thanks a lot!

  10. Todd Crawford says:

    This guy sounds like Joe Kernen on CNBC.

  11. Lesly Perez says:

    Nick the Baby Camel ate Inch Clam for Supper in Pheonix

    there are two more polyatomic ions in this one

  12. daric nd says:

    thank you!

  13. DizzyDazzle98 says:

    I just started chemistry and I need to memorize around 100. Is this trick
    only for only 4 ions? Or can it be modified to help memorize most of them?

  14. Andy Walton says:

    An excellent and a clear explanation goes quite a long way–much thanks

  15. Tshegofatso Kungoane says:

    life saver! thank u

  16. bobobo sagerter says:

    see this shit doesnt work with thiocyanate, acetate, dihydrogen phosphate
    and a bunch of others….

  17. MsPebbles1983 says:

    This is awesome thanks for the basics!!!

  18. Eli Burbey says:

    I needed to know 22 ions, so I modified the sentence:

    Oh Nick the MaNgy Camel ate an gOod CLam Supper in CReepy Phoenix

    Hydroxide OH -1
    Nitrate NO3 -1
    Permanganate MnO4 -1
    Carbonate CO3 -2
    Peroxide O2 -2
    Chlorate ClO3 -1
    Sulfate SO4 -2
    Chromate CrO4 -2
    Phosphate PO4 -3

    It’s hard to invent words for ammonium (NH4 -1) cyanide (CN -1) acetate
    (C2H3O2) and dichromate (Cr2O7) so there are a few to memorize, especially
    if you aren’t in my class/school and need to know more ions. Maybe can help
    you. Sorry I can’t help you that much! Good luck on these tests, fellow
    chemistry students!
    +Shelby Stuart +ElyosRanger

  19. Emily Hutcheson says:

    Wait people are complaining they have to know 20, for my high school
    chemistry class we have to know 52.

  20. Raveena Singh says:

    I passed my quiz because of this method. Thank you sooooo much!!!! :)

  21. Chris Rowen says:

    Added Bromate and Chromate: Nick the BRat Camel ate a CLam for Suppper in
    a Phoenix CiRcus

  22. Julie Cramer says:

    Thank you so much but where is the rest of this lesson?

  23. averrose23 says:

    I had to memorize a lot of polys but this tied things together so I
    understand the concept instead of just regurgitating ions. The hydrogen bit
    at the end is so simple but I couldn’t really get it until now 🙂 Thank

  24. Issy Khan says:

    Thank you!!! So much more explained :)

  25. dkvnturebros says:


    is another mnemonic.

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