How To Prepare For Hard Times Where To Buy Food For Long Term Storage

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  1. Taylor Kiger says:

    how much of that list can you supplement with your garden in one season

  2. Helicaloptera says:

    When sailors prepare for long trips at sea they often remove the outer
    label from tinned food, write a description of the contents on the tin
    using a marker pen (sharpie), and then varnish the tin to protect the metal
    from moisture and obviously salt. If you don’t do this (or similar) and the
    label comes off the tin, you won’t know what’s inside…

  3. Peggy Kush says:

    Something to consider, have some sort of lip or plate to keep the food
    from falling out of shelf in case of earthquake. 

  4. gaetan barsalou says:
  5. Natural Bridge says:

    As much as I respect your skills and generosity in sharing your knowledge
    and experience I truly wish that certain assumptions made here would be
    acknowledged. First and foremost is that many people do not own their own
    property and are stuck in what I call the “rental class”. We are people who
    did not inherit land from parents and whose jobs don’t pay enough to afford
    outright purchase of property and whose credit is likely no good for
    getting a mortgage. This is a huge unacknowledged factor in all of these
    prepper type videos. Unless one owns their own land they can’t even begin
    to implement any of the recommended information. This is THE biggest
    obstacle that I face personally and I’m sure I’m not alone. I wish someone
    would put out a video about how to obtain property when under genuine
    financial duress. Unfortunately this is really just the first major
    obstacle. The second would be acquiring tools and materials to build out
    the needed systems for basic self-reliance once that property was obtained.
    And even in food storage you assume that it’s not much more than a cable
    bill to stock up on food but prioritizing the finance behind obtaining land
    then tools and materials and equipment and regular life bills and so on in
    the meantime means a person like me wont be able to even consider food
    stock piling for many years from now. Please reply as I’m curious what you
    may think about people who feel stuck in this scenario. People that want to
    do what you’re are doing but feel they will never be able to afford it.
    Anyway, thanks for being generous with your information. I’m watching all
    your videos but sadly feeling that given my circumstances such a way of
    life is out of reach.

  6. Jack Phillips says:

    So, if the crap totally hits the fan, I can survive for 3-6 months. If the
    world has totally fallen apart that bad why would I want to be here?? I’d
    rather go meet God.

  7. MrSam says:

    I’m interested to see how this has evolved and changed since you posted
    this video. What did you find worked well, what would/did you differently?

  8. nick schmidt says:

    I wish I could be as organized as you Mr. Wranglerstar

  9. Pete Greenway says:

    Go Foods can be a good addition to your long term food supply. I am a
    distributor, please check out Go Foods at 25
    year shelf life, delicious and nutritious. My wife and I have tried many of
    them, and are very impressed. Thanks, Pete

  10. Danna Gesellchen says:

    …and for fresh stuff, sprout seeds!!!!

  11. Laurie St Lyon says:

    I was raised for my early years by my Gran who having lived through WW2 and
    rationing had a store of canned goods and goods that become short. Fast
    forward as an early teen moving from London to the Scottish Highlands I
    learnt about having a store and enough supplies to survive being snowed in.
    As a father with young kids we always had 6 weeks worth stored just in our
    normal pantry. Not sure why that figure came about but we lived quite
    comfortably on it at one stage and could have strung it out to 8 weeks or
    longer with rationing.

    We just bought a couple of extra cans at a time or a pack of extras when on
    offer. As in a lot of things “Little and often”. Each time you shop buy one
    more item for the store. Over the course of a year you can build up decent
    store of food you can actually eat. Freeze dried and MRE’s are all well and
    good but frankly they taste like ****! Honestly nothing is more depressing
    when everything else is going to rat **** than a lousy meal of strange food
    that tastes awful. Especially for kids.

  12. David Goodridge says:

    In my area the LDS cannery has gone away. Shame

  13. Michael Hutin says:

    Can you imagine a world without toilet paper!

  14. Mike C. says:

    Extremely helpful AND practical. 

  15. rockraider3 says:

    My biggest issue with the LDS canneries, is that it is not non-GMO food.
    Or at least, all research that I can find points to this. I’ve researched
    a lot and have been hoping beyond hope to find that it is non-GMO. And we
    are very particular about trying to eat non-GMO food in my house. So even
    if I could talk my wife into buying from the cannery because it is 1/2 the
    cost, it would never get eaten unless we were starving. She would never
    rotate it through our normal food usage because it is GMO food. So it is
    potentially wasted money, with a 20-30 year shelf life, unless there is a
    food crisis.

    If I do ever talk my wife into buying from a LDS cannery, I’m sure we’ll
    focus on the things for which there are no GMO varieties (yet). Like Oats,
    for example. Or maybe Wheat, which as of the end of 2013 hasn’t been
    introduced in the US (supposedly). Maybe this is a good way to get my wife
    on board with buying from the cannery.

  16. Daniel Vester says:

    I would like to know more on your food storage ideas …maybe how you
    rotate. I also find it hard to find good, reliable info on how long certain
    foods last. Maybe some ideas on budget food prep? Thanks again for being
    the best Youtube channel by far!

    Daniel in NC

  17. TheSalsy1 says:

    With the disappearance of this Boeing 777, I think this should remind all
    of us we might experience some disaster. Need to stock up.

  18. Mike Callos says:

    very good idea.. better to be prepared..

  19. rockraider3 says:

    I had a couple of nice young LDS gentleman knock on my door this past
    weekend. I know a lot of people find this disturbing, but I don’t, I just
    try to be nice and friendly even though I have no plans to join their
    church. That has got to be very difficult to go door to door to try to
    talk to people about their church. I took the opportunity to ask about the
    Mormon cannery, however, which they were a little surprised about.
    Unfortunately, they aren’t from my area, so they couldn’t tell me much
    about the cannery that is about 10 miles from my house (they called it a
    Bishop something or other). But I suspect that they will be circling back
    at some point in the near future, or sending one of our LDS neighbors down
    the street over, with some information since I asked about it. They’re
    pretty good about follow-up.

  20. comfortouch says:

    I disagree with buying and stocking up on things that are not a normal part
    of your diet. If you do eat something off-the-wall from your regular diet
    it can cause stomach issues which simply makes a survival situation worse.
    The stock also does not get rotated through and ends up going bad
    eventually, wasting the food. If you don’t normally eat it, than there is
    no reason to have it on your shelf.

  21. chris patirot says:

    good ideas. also lds is good. but to far from me. over 250mi away. but i
    can order online from them thanks for the tip on the lds

  22. YourAnjl says:

    Don’t forget that both home canning and home dehydrating can really stretch
    your money plus provide foods for long-terms storage. Lots of good
    information both on youtube and the internet about it. I’m getting a
    dehydrator soon.

  23. irritablearchitect says:

    I would steadfastly agree! A good wife is absolutely essential. Getting
    married was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  24. o00oZu1o00o says:

    Then you would not want that many carbs in your daily food, stuff that
    makes you all jumpy and stressed up…You want the kind of food you take
    with you on long hunting trips, you want to be fed near to optimum when
    under very stressful conditions, no matter what you like to do
    usually…Just my opinion! Share your lists thanks, unless you all have
    lists similar to Wranglerstar’s?

  25. oregonnich says:

    Variety is the ‘spice’ of life. No doubt that ‘appetite fatigue’ you
    mention is very important to consider.

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