How to Plant Spring Food Plots : Soybeans : The Huntin Grounds

Time to plant spring food plots! Soil temps. and weather are right for planting our Eagle Seed Round-Up Ready Forage Soybeans. We take you step by step of preparing our food plots and planting…

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21 Responses

  1. Duane Loyd says:

    Nice video. What is the ph level needed for these?? 

  2. Chris Hazlewood says:

    I would like to have seen how this plot turned out.

  3. Rise Bow Hunting says:

    we have also been putting in some food plots, with Plot1 seeds! check out
    our preseason preparation video

  4. 65dirt says:

    When ever I have planted any peas or beans the deer have destroyed them in
    one night. How big a plat do you need to plant to secure enough plants to
    survive the initial impact.

  5. cjgallstars says:

    How much do the eagle seed forage beans cost??? great vid btw

  6. Huntin Grounds says:

    Yeah, they are a great crop for food plots. They are pretty much a 10 or 11
    month food plot!

  7. Huntin Grounds says:

    These soybeans were designed for wildlife. They grow a longer period of
    time throughout the year and produce bigger leafs that produce more healthy
    browse for deer. They are not like the traditional soybean that grows fast
    and dies early and has little browse. Those are for farmers. These have
    been worked with the sole purpose to help wildlife and provide better

  8. Huntin Grounds says:

    The difference is that these soybeans are made to be foraged on by
    wildlife. They have larger leaves that in turn give more nutrients to the
    deer when they consume them and they still produce plenty of soybean pods.
    They are also resistant to drought and flood and they are round-up ready.
    They have genetically altered these soybeans over 10s of years and I
    believe they have come up with the best soybean for wildlife management!

  9. LivingHistorySchool says:

    Roundup ready deer meat with 3 eyes.

  10. Huntin Grounds says:

    broadcasting has worked great for us over the years. you just want to make
    sure you have a good portion of the soil broke up so you can put an
    adequate amount of soil on top of the seed. You don’t have to have any
    fancy drilling machine to make these work great for you

  11. Bryon Klatt says:

    holly crap

  12. wildflame1000 says:

    seems very happy to do this work 🙂

  13. poinpoin678 says:

    Have you shot anything on this plot yet ?

  14. SodakFarmer says:

    What is the difference between regular field soybeans and these forage
    soybeans? I’m asking because the 11 acre grove i’m hunting next year will
    be surrounded by soybeans.

  15. BrokenCapo says:

    GMO and RoundUp… sad

  16. Huntin Grounds says:

    I believe they are around $60 for a 50 lb bag. They may be a little higher
    than some but they are the best.

  17. msu06 says:

    Shouldn’t you drill the beans or will broadcasting work just as good?

  18. SuperNasty03 says:

    I Used your idea of the tire drag but scaled down for a riding lawn mower.
    Great videos keep it up!!

  19. RCdada609 says:

    all that beautiful land and you have contaminated it from GMO soy beans
    made in the lab. cant you find better ways to work with real soybeans in
    the wildlife? that’s looks like a dream place to live. I don’t see wildlife
    and trees here in new jersey. never the peaceful and quiet.

  20. Huntin Grounds says:

    Everyone please go to our YouTube account and subscribe!!! We release a new
    episode every two weeks and they will blow you away! Your missing out if
    you’ve not seen this seasons episodes!!!!

  21. Perry Outdoors says:

    Its hard to beat the eagle beans we have planted them for the last two
    years and the deer love them. Im working on a video with them as well.

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