How to Open the Third eye and unlock PSYCHIC abilities Mark Mauvais

One question people ask me regularly is what is the chakra associated for clairvoyant abilities? There are 7 chakras in the human body, each is responsible for different things. The root chakra,…

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  1. Mark Mauvais says:
  2. Ashley Nicole says:

    Question, i’ve been here and there meditating for a few months. I usually
    do it at night since that is the only time i have time to sit in silence. I
    have a toddler(four years old), and i was wondering do you have to meditate
    during the morning or is night time okay?

  3. Joe Wall says:

    This is Satanic

  4. Deathstroke 06 says:

    +Mark Mauvais Thanks for the Vid! I have been meditating for a month now
    and i can sense that something is vibrating (opening) towards the center of
    my brain.. is this a positive sign?? It started out in the surface in my
    forehead and the longer i meditate the deeper it gets.. When i also did sun
    gazing i felt strong vibrations in my forehead.. Please help good sir.

  5. 03henvag says:

    Hey i need to tell you that i think i have been born with the 3rd chakra.
    When im sleeping i dream the future and next day it happends

  6. satsuki26 says:

    I really do not understand why so many people comment on videos like this
    saying that they are a product of worshiping Satan? Can someone explain to
    me why people believe that? I started meditating about a year or two ago
    from a depressive state. I was always angry, self-conscious and really when
    it comes down to it I just hated existing. I didn’t like anything about who
    I was at all. When I started meditating I really let myself become
    surrounded in light and positive energy and it took a long time for me to
    heal, but I felt so much better and it showed. There have been some serious
    changes in my life ever since then and I’ll never understand how someone
    can say that meditating/opening the third eye/chakras are all linked to the
    devil. Please explain that to me. I have never felt more loved in my life.

  7. Golden Aura says:

    Knowledge is what blocks our chakras you are a slave to what you know
    because all you know is what you know and nothing else. For example can you
    create a color that isn’t part of the color spectrum. You perceive what
    your mind knows and nothing else. God is all about mastering ourselves
    before we can master the world once we have freed our minds from it’s slave

  8. TheeAwesomeOne says:

    So if I open all seven chakras I will be able to go into the Avatar State

  9. Ana Olivares says:

    Meditation always is the best 

  10. Nemanja Vedjic says:

    I don’t belive in this,neither should you.This is just a trap,it gives you
    little,and takes very much.It is like saying no to the God.If you live in a
    community with God,you will be gifted with much more than this.Why do you
    think Nikola Tesla used 98% of his brain,and you use only 10%?It’s because
    his grandpa and his father were priests,ortodox(pravoslavni) priests.He
    belived in God,and was rewarded,and so are you going to.If you don’t get
    rewarded,you will be,just wait,this is a patience test.I am not making you
    to belive in God.God lets you chose the path you want to go to,and it would
    be respectful to follow him.God lets you be free,and you should respect
    that,he gave you this life,and you should care for it,and thank for it.My
    point is that,i don’t think this is rewarding enough to get away from the
    God,nothing is.

  11. Chase Arend says:

    Fact: This isn’t satanic. Fact: It doesn’t have anything to do with your
    “God” and revolting against him, or whatever you overzealous christians
    make up as an excuse to rage at different ideas…

    You’re all fucking wrong, and because of that, the human race is most
    likely fucked.

    *Fuck this, I’m moving to Mars. There I’ll be free from all this stupid
    religious bullshit.*

  12. M4ntra7 says:

    people who hate on this will be in the dark for their whole entire life
    lmfao dumb slaves 

  13. ran faraj says:

    1. Does this really work?
    2. Is this against religion or is a bad thing to do?

  14. harjap sarai says:

    Just basically spreading the word about Satan, masons, And the illuminati.

  15. K9-1000 says:


  16. scottyy888 says:

    It benefits us nothing if we can see into the spirit, see auras, and have
    all the psychic powers in the world, if we have no life and love in us,
    without God and the removal of sin and guilt, we truly don’t have anything,
    so what’s the solution?

    “No man comes to the Father but by me” – Jesus
    God is love, God is life. Yeshua is God as salvation, the forgiver of sins.
    Without God as salvation (Yeshua) no man can live in love and life, because
    since the fall of man, guilt has reigned in man, guilt cuts man away from
    love and life (God), it is death, so with Yeshua (salvation, forgiveness)
    guilt is defeated and man restored to life. And Yeshua came in the flesh
    and absolutely displayed this aspect of God’s nature by dying for man even
    though He Himself didn’t deserve to die. In order to be restored back to
    God it is required that you have Yeshua in your heart, because through
    Jesus(Yeshua) God as the savior of man is fulfilled, guilt no longer has a
    place in you, and you can now come fully to God (life, love). That is why
    when someone confesses Jesus as their savior, God(love) comes into them
    because the knowledge of forgiveness is gained, therefore guilt is removed,
    and so life is attained.

    All you have to do is say this from your heart “Jesus I thank you for dying
    on the cross for me and taking away all my sins, because of you I am
    righteous and blameless in God’s sight, thank you for shedding your blood
    for me.”

  17. Ebolaboy Confirmed says:

    sry but the is no third eye

  18. Maxx Madd says:

    cool! now i can shoot lightnings from my eyes!!

  19. hellraiser7874 says:

    The Bible is censored Mr Joe Wall. Please be open to this

  20. iPoisonousGaming says:

    Does opening your third eye make you satanic? Or is any of this santanic

  21. Noah Poston says:

    I’m tired of people saying something is demonic or Satan like when it is
    not Satanism is demonic but this practice is more common in Buddhism.
    I am Christian and I don’t use God as a excuse for everything let these
    people belief what they want

  22. Zackre Armstrong says:

    I opened mine but i got tired of the experience so i closed it back what it
    did for me was increase my awareness and gave me the ability to say the
    word a person was thinking 3 seconds before they actually said it i was
    also able ro see demons and experienced paralysis in the sleep but what
    also keeps these demons away is the holy ghost my mom never opened her
    gland but she had the holy ghost so when the demon that she could not see
    approached her the holy ghost vanquished it away and my paralysis was gone
    . i mostly used this skill for soccer and unlocked it during my two months
    of soccer training

  23. Yakup Dogan says:

    I don’t see any satanism in this. I used to think that this was satanism
    too but now i see that we are satanism. We as humans give ‘satanism’ power
    by just believing in it the more you believe in that the more its going to
    affect you and make you fear 

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