How to open food cans without a can opener!

2 quick and easy ways to get at that food if you find yourself without a can opener. You too can open a can without a can opener. Try it! Mission Survivor is here with more tips and tricks….

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24 Responses

  1. Mission Survivor says:

    2 quick and easy ways to get at that food if you find yourself without a
    can opener. You too can open a can without a can opener. Try it! Mission
    Survivor is here with more tips and tricks. Visit our site for great outdoor and survival gear.

  2. Richard Fernandez says:

    not fast enough! 5:52? your explanation is annoying. graphics alone can
    explain how it is done. you talk more than you do and show it.

  3. Cherry Pauper says:

    This takes too long. Knife is faster. You’re more likely to have a knife
    than a spoon.

  4. Zhytwos Gaming says:

    i got a weak body and low stamina (But not fat never exercise and this is
    hell for me hahaha) but thanks

  5. Leon Maliniak says:

    Great and very informative and potentially life-saving video …

    This Internet is amazing when it’s used in this constructive and beneficial
    way and not as a venue for angry frustrated people to swear at each other
    and proffer personal insults 

  6. doctorpooper33 says:

    HOw do you open a can of whoop ass 

  7. Gabriel Mercado says:

    Thank you , I just opened a can of peas with your second method! ;)

  8. Aquahoma says:

    I’d keep a P38 more handy than a spoon

  9. Kyle Sanchez says:

    Thanks, man.

  10. Tony13Tony1993 says:

    Came down to the comments to convince myself that not everyone is stupid on
    this planet, but little did I know, it’s quite frankly so…
    How about you use a knife instead of jerking that can off and you can open
    it in like 10 seconds.
    Motherfuckers think opening a can is some type of rocket science…

  11. Chuck Dean says:

    Be Prepared With Your Own Survival Skills 101
    In this video, learn how to open cans of food, very easily without using a
    can opener! This can make a huge difference whether you eat or not.


  12. John Taylor says:

    Umm, refried beans? No thanks, I will starve instead. Rubbing it on the
    concrete is neat idea though, gonna remember that when the UPS guy drops
    off my can opener in a box. Is helpful, after watching this, I pictured my
    stupid azz throwing a can at a rock in the hopes of opening it. Whats
    worse is I missed the rock hitting a mama bear with her cubs.

  13. AWARE says:



  14. James Liebherr says:

    You gloved up love that hand action

  15. Richard Schneider says:

    Or, you could make sure you travel with a can opener. Or, you could walk
    across the street to McDonalds.

  16. Pat TheHombre says:

    Thanks. Great info.

  17. Macho Nacho says:
  18. seattwa says:

    If you were out camping and forgot your can opener could you just use a big
    rock instead of concrete?

  19. Bad Dog says:

    No metal shavings in your food if you use a spoon like that?

  20. karla hernandez says:

    mas practico un abre altas xD 

  21. Keepingitmadreal says:

    This was awesome. I just moved out and tonight after cutting the onions for
    a sauce, I realized I forgot to bring a can opener and have canned tomatoes
    to open. Used a knife but which I had known about the spoon trick instead! 

  22. American Patriot III% says:

    Not knocking any thing you do always but always add a P38 or P51 (military
    can openers) to your kit be it on a dog tag chain around my neck or ur
    keychain. I have one on each, and more to spare. Have em In my wallet as
    well.. just ideas.

  23. Mandogy says:

    Only if I could go to year 3000 and show this video to Fry.

  24. Saphira Lo says:

    But if the lid goes into the can then isn’t it contaminating the food? O_o

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