How to Not Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People

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22 Responses

  1. PeakYourMind says:

    @ThomasChappell_ the first few minutes are definitely the worst haha thanks

  2. Ninja_like_Cookies says:

    Thankyou, this helped as when I get nervous I then start to sweat and my
    speech goes all funny then my adrenalin kicks in and, I feel like to stop
    talking and run out of that area.

  3. Job de Vries says:

    Awesome video man, really helped me a lot!!

  4. Kalynrainnn says:

    Ohmygahhh thank you so much . Gahh this helped a lot, I’m a freshman in HS
    and I have to present in my honors literature class in a couple weeks and I
    was like shit because I’m not used to presenting in front of people this
    will be my first presentation the whole school year. But this helped a ton
    thanksssss <3

  5. AT 7 says:

    hey man what kind of camera do you have? it’s amazing! I’m looking to buy a
    high quality fair priced one. nice video man!

  6. Joshua Sherwood says:

    Omg thank you so much! I’ve got a presentation tomorrow and I was really
    nervous thinking about it. But those nerves have completely gone! It sucks
    when you’re nervous. One time when I was 10 I had to do a presentation as
    well.. I was shaking.. I couldn’t control it and I was so happy when it was
    over. But seriously the paper that I was holding almost shuck out of my
    hands xD and once again THANK you.. You’re awesome! 

  7. 3DNarutoGaming-Road To 100 Subscribers says:

    I have to present a monologue tomorrow and I have never presented one
    before. God I am so scared. Well hopefully I can get through it without a

  8. ShinyLegzMC says:

    Thanks bro! Presenting in my class about Michael Phelps tomorrow.

  9. Ashley De Oliveira says:

    This kinda relaxed me. I don’t particularly have a speech, I have to play
    an instrument solo (with an accompanist of course lol) and I am so nervous.
    I feel looser now. I hope I do very good..

  10. Alejandra ramirez says:

    I have three presentations for my classes tomorrow and this video helped
    me so much!! THANK YOU!! 

  11. KawaiiBunnBunn says:

    Also, thanks for the advice! 

  12. Kat Dollie says:

    I tried this. Still threw up.. ew. :/ 

  13. Brooklyn AGFan says:

    I have a presentation of a spoken word poem we had to create one and I have
    to present in front of the entire class I am so nervous I am still in grade
    7 and I am that kind of girl who is shy and really quite and didn’t like to
    be too social do I am so scared 

  14. Jessa Grossman says:

    I have a presentation tomorrow and this helped so much! My worst fear is
    presenting and my voice, legs, and hands would shake so much that the
    teachers would always bring a chair up to sit in so I don’t pass out. But
    it’s gotten so much better because of this. Thank you!


    OMG thanks man. your vids are really helpful.

  16. UzumKa i says:

    Thank you)))

  17. Ninja_like_Cookies says:

    Also can I sew a company that relied on Cookies to see what I was searching
    and sent me adds about how Youtube will not help me calm my nerves but
    there online website will, as it made me more nervous for a speech I have
    to do.

    I also typed in YouTube’s search “I will sue you for making me more
    nervous” and so far I have had no more of their adverts.

    Can I sue them

  18. Sims3machinimalife says:

    I signed myself up for a naration of a story on Christmas Eve. Regret that,
    I am peeing myself just thinking about it. I always get so shakey. D’:

  19. KawaiiBunnBunn says:

    I have a presentation tomorrow which I am presenting in front of my whole
    class. When I practiced with my teacher, I turned all sweaty and very warm.
    My friend was watching me and she said that I turned red. Is that normal?!
    I was confident doing my salutation but I got attacked by my anxiety.
    Thinking about it makes me so nervous. Wish me luck! …

  20. shinon says:

    How about if your not in an ideal body im the only fat dude in class and
    gets nervous, my hand shake to in a presentation.

  21. Crazy Potato 1094 says:

    Im presenting tomorrow and the odds of how many people watching will be
    5-90 people. We are in a group switching off and im the 6th person. Im way
    to nervous but this kinda helped. lol

  22. vnesaa says:

    I get nervous just thinking about doing it D:

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