How to Memorize the Periodic Table Easily

A techniques using mnemonics is explained for committing the periodic table to memory. To avoid errors, it is done in two directions. Some trends in the periodic table are discussed as well….
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14 Responses

  1. LDavid54 says:

    dude you made this worse thanks anyways

  2. java python says:

    There is a lot more information here than just how to memorize the elements
    listed on the Periodic table. And it was a great video! Thanks!

  3. RaeAnna Burd says:

    so how do you memorize the ‘F” block?

  4. Spellogram says:

    Hey guys, please see this animation video to memorize the first 10 elements
    using a cool story.. activating your brains visualization and association

  5. Tomhankerus says:

    Hydrogen isn’t an alkali metal.

  6. Josh Damasco says:

    Its a gas or liquid

  7. Tomhankerus says:

    It’s a gas

  8. Flower BOOM says:

    Don’t get it

  9. Massimo Bozzi says:

    Nevertheless it shares some properties with them.

  10. Josh Damasco says:

    Hydrogen is its own category?

  11. Zacho789 says:

    I preferred it in Halogens. That way, Helium has a buddy. (joke)

  12. FrostedFlake420 says:

    Yes thanks for posting this

  13. SimpleNamae Nashi says:

    It’s very useful. Thank You. 🙂

  14. Josh Damasco says:

    Gas my ass

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