How to Memorize Scripture: Five Tips to Make Memorizing God’s Word Doable Memorizing scripture can be challenging, but also so rewarding. Here are five tips to make scripture memory easier and doable. Memorizing scripture strengthens…
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4 Responses

  1. Shekinah Anderson says:

    This is awesome!!! Thank you so much :)

  2. tonni kamali says:

    Thank you so much for shear this history. But I am not satisfied yet.I wane
    more tips

  3. Angela Hogan says:

    Glad to have found your video today. I have definitely benefitted
    throughout my years of memorizing Scripture from the things you suggest.
    The things that have helped the most are: 1. Keeping the chapters I’m
    working on or have learned on the wall in the shower. That way I’m sure to
    practice every day as I get ready. 2. Quick Voice app. Recording my
    voice and playing it back while putting on make-up or driving in the car
    (just plug your phone in and listen through the car speakers). 3. Before
    I moved up north in the last year, I would always take walks with a
    purpose–carrying the passage I’m working on and learning one paragraph or
    full thought at a time. I would have the passage written out or typed long
    hand on the front and have the first letter of each word on the back as the
    next step. If you’re interested, I have an entire lesson with PPT and
    notes that I wrote on Scripture memory. I could send it to you by email if
    you’d like–it could be tweaked and used to teach others if you like it.
    There are many more ideas there, some that I use and some that others have
    found helpful. So far I have learned 2 Cor.5, the book of Galatians,
    Romans 1,3,4,most of 5, half of 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12, and most of Ephesians
    1-4. In seminary I learned many isolated verses but I find that this is
    much more difficult to retain than entire chapters and have therefore
    forgotten these. Anyway, thanks for making the video and God bless you as
    you continue to memorize scripture.

  4. ChristianityTalkTV says:

    this is very helpful, thank you :)

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