How to Memorize Numbers Part 2 | Pictures 0-9 | Memory Training | USA Memory Championship

How to Memorize Numbers Part 2 | Pictures 0-9 | Memory Training | USA Memory Championship More Memory Training at: Subscribe: …

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16 Responses

  1. Carlos Carpio says:

    WOW It seems you really care about other people. You have a big heart and
    motivation to help others. God Bless You. 

  2. 柏銘陳 says:

    It is unbelievable to be free for watching 🙂
    Too amazing

  3. captainwhiteshadow says:

    What would you imagine for 253? “nlm”. All I could think of was “melon”
    backwards: “nelom”. Maybe something like the image of a melon reflected in
    a mirror? But that seems kinda complex…. Any ideas?

  4. chihung yu says:

    Amazing video, not sure if it’s useful but so far so good :)

  5. Bill Wiebe says:

    awesome dude this is what i started doing at work to pass time thanks for
    this help for memory training i realy, realy love and apreciate this help
    from you.


    how do you delete and or forget unwanted information?

  7. kguy152000 says:

    And would it be helpful or more confusing to add another picture to a
    number? for the multiple letters per numbers? For example: 0 – is hoop for
    the H_P. But since zero is also B, could I also use the word HuB for H_B?

  8. Tung Nguyen says:

    Hi, do you know how to memorize name of organizations e.g DMCA which stand
    for Digital Millennium Copyright Authority? thank you for helping me.

  9. AE Mind says:

    Thanks.. I will go back into all of these videos and add that piece of

  10. Lily M says:

    I can’t thank you enough !! you made it a lot easier and you are an
    inspiring individual with a positive spirit , feel like i ‘ve found a new

  11. peppsi says:

    I felt like i lost my memory hopefully this will work for me because i have
    great picture memory I can drive somewhere for the first time and remember
    how to get there but with letters or words its very hard for me. Im trying
    to learn this now because in my college class’s of course i have test and i
    just had one but i didn’t do so well because i have a hard time remembering
    things. I hope this works for me !! thanks

  12. AE Mind says:

    Yes you can definitely create your own pictures.. I actually recommend it..
    Just keep the rules in mind..

  13. kguy152000 says:

    Would it be possible to instead of printing a picture, to draw one instead?

  14. GodVlogger says:

    This particular video is about memorizing numbers, but you should
    definitely see AEMind’s other videos about remembering things, e.g. How to
    Create Mental House Files | Memory Training. Think of the first of four
    pieces of furniture that you pass going into your home. On the first one
    visualize something for the word “digital” (e.g. a huge flashing Digital
    clock), next site visualize “Millennium” (New Year’s party 1999-2000), next
    someone Copying/writing, next a cop/Authority. DMCA. I see it.

  15. AE Mind says:

    i know exactly how you feel.. I use to have really bad memory problems..
    biggest tip that I can give you is to Visualize! Visualize what you are
    reading at the time that you are reading! I will make more videos to help
    students with their memory on my other youtube channel.. Check it out at
    youtube . com / aemindmemory

  16. Jaison George says:

    Great informative video, one tip to increase your view account is to
    actually post the name of the method in the description or title!

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