How to memorize new words and vocabulary easily in a foreign language

How to memorize new words and vocabulary easily in a foreign language

How can we easily memorize new words in a different language? Different people have different techniques for memorizing new words but there are some basic ways that we can make memorizing …
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  2. Andrea Demeter says:

    Do you have problems remembering new vocabulary? Watch this video
    (subtitles included!), these techniques might work for you as well!
    How to memorize new words and vocabulary easily in a foreign language

  3. Rushil Punchhi says:

    NIGGA. translate that!

  4. Sonya Selsvold says:
  5. Carmelo Anthony says:

    Question: when you want to test it if you remembered a new word or not, can
    you look at the image you made?

  6. Елена Малышева says:
  7. Mighty Nelikah. says:

    Eat the fur. DAFUQ is this bullshit.? :D

  8. Daryl Libo-on says:


  9. janothon divas says:

    Esta weá la pasaron en clases y weá, bien wena.

  10. Nessy Mathew says:

    Hahaha, this was super amusing and helpful to watch. :)

  11. Marie-Danielle O'Reilly says:

    Excellent idea

  12. Mackenzie Miller says:


  13. FrozenBana na says:


  14. visualkana says:

    this is great!

  15. vocabularyhelp says:

    Information with emotion … noted!

  16. Willy Bordus Rendy Kristanto says:
  17. vocabularyhelp says:

    very helpful when memorizing vocabulary words in another language!

  18. irin42 says:

    i hate arabic itz so taught to learn n i have a exam 2moro shit!!!!!!!!1

  19. jakahler says:

    eat the fur XD

  20. Xue Chen says:

    wonder if it helps with french and spanish? already know
    english,chantonese,mandrin and basics of japanese! so…… how am i
    suppose to remeber spanish and french?! my heads bursting!!!!! (just

  21. FoxOutsideBox says:

    I wont forget neko means cat because of Secret of Mana^^

  22. The Wanderer says:

    What I want to talk about is [object]. What I wanted to talk about was
    [object]. It’s all about the tenses, or should I say, position in time.

  23. Lilit Martirosian says:

    may be useful.thanks!!!

  24. Sarah Choi says:

    LOL so cute!

  25. superdk55 says:

    thanks for this , this helps a bunch when im learning japanese.

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