How To Memorize Lists (Fast)

How To Memorize Lists (Fast)

Download the comprehensive check-list here:

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25 Responses

  1. dandasheh1 says:

    Every comment here belongs to a student who’s having exams :p

  2. Shirley O says:

    I always just make up a story about the things I need to learn so they turn
    out really weird but its helpful & kinda entertaining.

  3. Cilan RapeFace says:


  4. Alex Neill says:

    Well, I am gonna go study.

  5. chrishockey says:

    this is like the most basic way. everyone knows how to memorize 5 letter
    words, and if not, they probably don’t need to know. Most people are here
    to memorize presentations, essays, or speeches

  6. Marc Stein says:

    I can’t download the comprehensive list. how do I get it?

  7. darkzz9 says:

    better dan an indian talkin’ english …. XP

  8. uzerofutube says:

    This does make sense!

  9. Memorize facts fast for exams says:

    Type the words list-twist in your search engine and you’ll find a mnemonics
    site that does the work for you. Your search engine will display
    LIST-twist! A new and easy approach to memorizing…

  10. pharmy rob says:

    This is what I tyically do lists. If you have something better/faster I’m
    all ears. The indications for azithromycin (zmax): – CAP (community
    acquired pneumonia). – Otitis Media. – Pharyngitis (due to Group A Strep).
    – Infective Endocarditis (prophylaxis). – Urethritis/Cervicitis (due to
    STD). – Skin/structure infxns. – PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). – MAC
    (Mycobacterium avium complex) in advanced HIV. – Sinusitis “Every guy needs
    ZMAXimum patience when his girl has COPIOUS PMS”

  11. Wisdom Ogwu says:

    this is rubbish i got an easier way to do so and i am 13

  12. blastedstorm says:

    Now i just need to memorize names like monteverdi for tests.

  13. Kavi Trivedi says:

    Hi My ID is ‘ Plase send me the list… 🙂

  14. lovelyxskinny says:

    it’s funny because this is how i always memorize things lately and this guy
    does it exactly how i do it. =P

  15. Alok Saraogi says:

    nice video,,, can you send me the list..

  16. candiceryaan says:

    I think….I just got stupider…

  17. Maggie Green says:

    This works!

  18. Narcoleptic Banana says:

    That’s nice for items you can visualise, but doesn’t help at all when you
    try to memorise, for example, chemicals or dates or something.

  19. ballzan says:

    All of them!! Using the memory palace technique

  20. JC Barreo says:

    Yay! I remembered all the words! Now I have to study for my test. :/

  21. SkyFortStudios says:

    Oh my god! This literally saved my life! I had a big food test for a my job
    that if i didn’t memorize the ingredients i would not get the job. This
    method helped me remember ALL the ingredients of ever single thing i needed
    to remember! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I owe you everything! Subscribed and liked!
    Oh, and added to favorited of course. Thank you again Alex from Arizona.

  22. TheAndyClick says:

    @azkadeelia haha, thanks 😉

  23. Maloperverso says:

    Is that Bruce Lee????

  24. bonecrusher6965 says:

    This is really awsome, I had a French test and passed with only 5 min. of
    studying. I LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE!!!

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