How to Memorize a Poem by Nelson Dellis | Memory Experts Training | USA Champion | Remember Poetry

Learn How to Memorize a Poem from 3x USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis ( as part of the Memory Training Experts Series. Free Memorize Names Training: …
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4 Responses

  1. AE Mind Memory | Memory Training says:

    Learn How to Memorize Lines of Poems from 3x USA Memory Champ, Nelson

  2. lceus says:

    This is very clear. A lot more people should see this. 

  3. modernwarfareizftw says:

    can i use the same room to remember one thing and then use the room again
    to remember a different fact at the same time, or will it be more difficult
    to remember because of two different events in the room?

  4. Luiz Carlos says:

    Great video!
    Very informative and also to the point.

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