How to meditate : Er. Rohit Sharma

A video over meditation, spiritual healing. how to meditate.

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25 Responses

  1. Lasha368 says:

    I’m really stressed and anxious right now and I really want to meditate,
    but I have one problem; I can’t hold my head still. Any tips?

  2. varilla111 says:

    Wow, it felt weird. Like sleeping, but when I woke up I kept the stance and
    had my head pointing upwards without me noticing!

  3. Christina Czachor says:

    did anyone else start to feel like they were spinning around at one

  4. RubikismMCR says:

    do i have to do this in a quite environment?

  5. Ce Cat says:

    I just cant clear my mind! I think about random stuff

  6. Ginell Parra Osorio says:

    But, how do we keep our minds quite? I can’t stop thinking no matter what!

  7. Stricken4Pot says:

    This helps SOOOO much when your body is fighting any kind of sickness or
    virus, whenever I had the Flu last, this was all I did, it was like
    escaping into my brain and removing my body entirely

  8. Mehul Vadher says:

    Hey guys I’ve tried this and my body keeps moving backwards and forwards.
    Is this normal?

  9. bob laser says:

    The desire for fast results is what blocks cosmic energy from entering ,
    have patience 

  10. kyle williams says:

    wow did anyone else feel as if they couldnt move? I was so relaxed that I
    didnt want to move a muscle for a full half hour and my breathing was
    vurtualy not there, I felt like I was in my own world. that was amazing and
    I shall do it every day!

  11. farceadentus says:

    When you all meditate tonight, feel the Love in your heart for your fellow
    Human Beings and all life, and send it out to the World. We need more Love
    in the world and less hate.
    Pray that all your fellow brothers and sisters in the World will be
    transformed with the energy of this Love and peace will finally come to our
    So that we can unite as one species working towards the good of all.

  12. zupinu2000 says:

    “stop inner chatter’ DO YOU REALIZE HOW HARD THIS IS XD!!

  13. Volg says:

    The world is a beautiful place

  14. lisa likoski says:

    When he first started talking I was scared it was one of those screaming
    videos. You know the ones where they get your attention and tthen out of
    nowhere a face screams. Once I focused meditation it was good. When he said
    focus on the light on your forehead and you will stop breathing. It worked.
    Then my palms became warm n my body became warm. Was great 1

  15. Vasileski88 says:

    Shower of cosmic energy? What is that? Has anyone experienced this?


    I find when I practice meditation and only when I meditate I get a
    vibrational feeling in my ears kinda like a throbbing or like a vibrational
    pulsing.This ONLY eventuates when I focus my centre on relaxation and
    connect to my inner self and prepare for meditation.

    I don’t get this sensation when I just close my eyes or go to sleep it’s
    simply not there no matter how long I close my eyes for!, only when I
    meditate and draw light to me.Sometimes the sensation can be so strong it
    can almost distract me from the meditation itself.
    I know this is because whilst I’m in the trance like state my vibrational
    frequency is adjusting/harmonising whilst I’m in the meditation.The other
    thing is eventually I have a pulsing strobe light effect going on but that
    sensation comes from my external eyes then following that a violet effect
    begins to manifest in the darkness(eyes are closed of course) and is
    generally a violet blob or strange shape that seems to expand bigger then
    reduces to a tiny spec then repeats.
    Sometimes I See what looks like a black hole but then the violet light
    forms around it giving it form(circle) creating a black whole with a violet
    shape circle which gives the black hole dimension and shape then another
    round blob forms within that circle.Then I realise I can see a round eye
    shape with a violet iris or pupil and I can see the eye clearly almost
    looking back at me and believe this image is a manifestation or
    representation that my 3rd eye is activated and I’m not seeing externally,
    I’m in fact looking internally.Does anyone else get any of these things
    happening whilst in a meditative state??

  17. LoKar Tutorials says:

    I need to focus on studying, but my mind just wanders off

  18. Kray Zay says:

    Thank God for Indians, without whom I wouldnt have meditation or

    Indians are God’s people. Protect them and watch over them

  19. Izzy Foster says:

    Im 15 and really want to open myself up to spirituality, a member of a NDE
    group I am part of (I joined as I am afraid of death and I thought it would
    help) told me to meditate but I cant stop thinking, when I do stop my mind
    goes “oh finally I stopped” and I have to start over again and I cant keep
    my mind clear

  20. Tiago Sa says:

    How do u get out of meditation? 

  21. says:

    This is some of the best basic meditation advice you can get! It’s the path
    to intelligent infinity guys, should be practiced every day.

  22. Ananda Krishnan says:

    Dear Rohit,
    You have come up with a beautiful and simple video to demonstrate the
    entire process towards achievement. Thank you so much….Anand

  23. Dinesh Umate says:

    Really nice ……

  24. Heilman Hackatronics says:

    I keep thinking about where the O2 is going in my body, and where the CO2
    goes in the world, and what plants I have to thank for the O2 I am able to

  25. MCGAMERFTW Bored says:

    I have the most unclearable mind in the universe… I’ve done something
    wrong and now my mom and dad’s mad at me… I have a real real BIG problem
    and I can’t relax even for 1 second. 

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