HOW TO: make your own fish food

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  1. The king of DIY says:

    HOW TO: make your own fish food

    It’s easier than you think…

  2. Buda Boco says:

    Is salmon safe for freshwater fish

  3. AquaStudent says:

    Excellent video Joey. I’m hungry.

    I can’t believe you go through that much food in three months! The Aro and
    rays must be eating machines!

    Do you know what the advantages/disadvantages would be for cooking the
    foods? Usually cooking helps break down the proteins and would sterilize it
    of any bacteria however fish in the wild obviously don’t cook their food.

  4. Monster Fish66 says:

    thanks man it was a big help for my check out my lates vid of them eating

  5. fishballs93 says:

    Great video Joey.

    Would fish, shrimp and scallops be ok for small freshwater fish? eg.
    cardinal tetras, guppies, corydoras.

    The reason I ask is because in the past my fish have rejected pre made
    frozen food containing seafood, which made a big mess for me to vacuum up.

  6. fishlaw1 says:

    This is one of your best diy videos yet Joey. I really like the details in
    this video. Thanks for sharing ! ! !

  7. KGTropicals says:

    Awesome Joey! I use to do the exact same thing for my Rays and Aros, I
    actually liked cutting it all up and mixing it, took a week for the smell
    on my hands to go away though lol.

  8. Maurice Aquariums says:

    Great video Joey. Thank you very much, I have discus and currently feed
    them beefheart mix. This looks like another great idea for feeding and I
    think I’ll try it out. Thanks again +The king of DIY 

  9. ReeferGil says:

    Super video. Inspired me to try this out!

  10. Killerkings 1111 says:


  11. econerd says:

    For small fish, a food processor would be a much faster tool, and chop
    everything much smaller. I might try this for my fantails at some point.

  12. Cichlid Nez says:

    Good info for big cichlids or fish. 

  13. yocampout says:

    wow, joey, those fish eat better than me! all I got is pizza hut. 🙂 lol.
    another great vid

  14. wyzemann says:

    Excellent video. I love the fact that you’ve turned me on to yet another
    of Seachem’s fine offerings; man, I never knew about Nourish. The best
    part of this vid is that the main ingredients are readily available at my
    local WalMart! THANK YOU JOEY!

  15. Slim Tim says:

    Awesome idea on making your fish food, gotta try it. Fired Up!!!

  16. David Schneider says:

    Well worth the time and energy to make fish food. Thanks Joey for another
    great video….

  17. omniXenderman says:

    insider secret, most flakes and pellets are generaly fish meal and wheat
    protien….there is the occasional use of spirulina algae but only in
    higher end flakes, if you add nutrition drink like muscle milk or ensure
    you can mega boost the nutrients….just feed sparingly.nutrients that high
    can cause a bacterial outburst in ur tank

  18. Tin Tin says:

    They eat better than me, Hahaha!

  19. SleightofHand says:

    Joey, doesn’t your arowana develop “drop eye” if you feed it sinking food
    like that, making it go down to pick up the food etc. Great video too! I’m
    going to make some DIY food too! thanks

  20. CookingInterminatum says:

    Hi Joey!
    Is one of your Stingrays ill or Injured at the right “tail” fin? There is a
    white area which looks damaged

  21. Timm Lombardo says:

    When will you start doing up to 3 videos a week?

  22. derpfrog says:

    Damn dude that’s good eating, I do not have as specialized fish as you do,
    but I feed my fish earthworms/mosquito larvae (so easy to harvest)/ and
    will soon catch some minnows and possibly crayfish. I love to feed my
    fish the freshest natural foods available. You channel is the best out
    there for all aquarium/fish needs.

  23. colinbarsby says:

    Everyone should feed their fish a fresh food at least weekly.
    And seafoods from the supermarket are perfect,
    Smaller fish also enjoy oat flakes, boiled peas and zucchini.

  24. pusapoiss says:

    Timing of this video was like it was meant for me. I have just started
    experimenting with making food to my fish, myself.

  25. Daniel Poppell says:

    Hay Joey I have heard some dog foods can be just as good for your pond fish
    and larger fish and much cheeper.. Your Thoughts?

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