HOW TO MAKE THE BEST LECHON AT HOME is a video tutorial shared by food blogger Malou Perez-Nievera that will teach you a technique that promises the BEST LECHON you’ve ever made.
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24 Responses

  1. Tom Sommer says:

    Thank you. I will try the brine for my next pork belly.

  2. kc23kylie says:

    OMG! THIS IS THE BEST! I tried it and it was excellent, it was so good i
    ate a lot, and its very easy to make, thanks for sharing this awesome

  3. J. Al says:

    Can I kain this with kanin?

  4. don anxietyyou says:

    This is my project tomorrow…. 

  5. melanie bactol says:

    Hi ms.malou pwde ko bang malaman yung name ng mga herbs na nilagay niyo po
    before niyo ilagay yung tanlad thank you po

  6. Clarke Avellanosa says:

    hello Malou,
    tanong ko lang po kung ilang pounds yung belly na binili nyo? at pwede bang
    derecho ko lang lagyan ng herbs/spices sa loob ng pork tapos i overnight sa
    fridge, without brining it? thanks

  7. leadvanguard says:

    hello..nakakatakam po ung luto nyo.. perfect.. 🙂 pwede po ba turbo ang
    gamitin dito? thanks

  8. Ina Amarillo says:

    Omg! Super trending ang lechon. I miss this na!

  9. justin hoening says:

    what does she dip the lechon in when she eats it? I’m curious because i
    bought pork belly the other day and am going to try your recipe but don’t
    know what to use as a condiment or if anything to dip it in. thanks and
    can’t wait to try this out!!

  10. Aleckxis Sarah says:

    Ms Malou I want to try this at home kaya lang hanggang 250 degrees lang ang
    oven ko dito sa Japan pano kaya pwede kong gawin?

  11. Michelle Dizon says:

    my gosh that looks yum! will try this thanks for sharing!

  12. jendel3133 says:

    thank you so much manang Malou..winner na winner ang lechon belly na recipe turbo ko lang po niluto for almost 3 hours at ang lutong lutong ng
    balat at moist ang loob.un pong 1 2/2 hours nakabalot sya sa foil tapos
    inalis ko para palutungin un balat yummy ng yummy ang tita at tito
    ko….thanks po ulit……

  13. UnknownJanjer says:

    I’m dying. I had this last Christmas and it tasted so good. I am not
    Filipino, but I like Filipino food so much. On of my friends let me try
    this with adobo rice… I couldn’t tale the fork away from my hand. It was
    that good. 

  14. mary grace mamaril says:

    Hi Skip to Malou! I just want to thank you for sharing this lechon recipe.
    Your right in brining techniqu, it made my belly lechon moist in the
    inside and crispy in the outside- I made sure that the skin is dry before
    baking. Next time I cook this, I’m going to add batwan(pampaasim) namin
    dito sa Bacolod, Negros Occ. an equivalent for sampalok in other region.
    Thanks again. Keep on sharing briliant ideas in cooking

  15. bien Eway says:

    saan po tayo makakuha ng exact measurement ng ingredients? Gusto ko e try
    para sa Christmas eve. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  16. Loreto Guanzon says:

    Made this for New Years Eve dinner and it was a hit! I baked 2 at the same
    time for 4 hours and the skin was so crispy.

  17. Giligan Gilitoks says:

    what kind of rope is being used to tie it? please thanks.

  18. damien dizon says:

    do i need to use the fire on top or only down? 

  19. David Vinoya says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this 😉 i just made the whole pig for
    christmas party and everybody’s loving it including my executive chef. so
    crispy and juicy 😉 5 star for this recipe… xoxo from canada. 

  20. Luis Basilio says:

    i make my own sarsa lechon…you have a good lechon…. you better have a
    good sarsa…don’t settle for mang thomas :-)

  21. Sarah Jane Northcutt says:

    Hello NASA oven Iyong Gawa Ko ngaun Pero nilagay Ko 400′ temp for 2hours
    Pwd ba un at mas malaki sya NgAun Kaysa Ng dati n ginawa ko. Sobrang late n
    kc kpG 375 temp at 3hours.

  22. Kristine Claire Estrada says:

    Hi Ms. Malou! My mom wants to do this for new year but we don’t have an
    oven. We have a turbo broiler though. Can we use that instead? Thanks!

  23. Aceof2Hearts says:

    Love the recipe of the brine. The lemongrass, bay leaves and thyme make it
    very aromatic. Instead of lemongrass , for those who cannot find these in
    their of the world, you can use lemon rind. Thank you for sharing and
    keeping the Filipino tradition alive. Well done Malu!

  24. moe jaime says:


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