How to Make Doll Food: Bread | Plus Our Doll Farmer’s Market click the link to make this fabsome craft today! by request: let’s make doll food with stuff you might already have around the house :o) check us out at: http://www.myfroggys…
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24 Responses

  1. Jimena Araiza says:

    The one with the salt doe after u bake it and dont paint it can u eat it

  2. EPICx SOURSOP says:

    When I made mine they caught fire 

  3. The Blue Angel says:

    Can you guys subscribe me

  4. Kate Looms says:

    Hi everyone! You guys are probs wondering how much you add for the salt
    dough? If you are, plz read this. You need: 2 cups of flour

    1/2 cup of salt

    3/4 cup of warm tap water

    a bowl

    a spoon to

    That’s it! Thanks for reading!


  5. Morgan Evans says:

    For making the clay I used
    1 teaspoon and it worked 

  6. VICTOR TOALA says:

    algien que me able en español

  7. Studyhallification says:

    What do you mean by one part something is it like a table spoon?

  8. Lorena Vasquez says:

    I think u cant eat it i made some salt doe

  9. Gretta Gambrell says:

    I love or video. Hope you make a all more

  10. Sean Lloyd-Booth says:

    how old is her daughter she is just cute and Fabsome!!

  11. kasper4032001 says:

    Im watching this in 2015 but I was just wondering,where do you get all your
    stuff from I have some stuff but not a lot :)

  12. brij polish says:

    Where do you get model magic? Can u get it at hobby lobby and Walmart? 

  13. LI LUCCI says:

    Do you have to rub your finger on the bread to get the makeup on or can you
    use a make up brush 

  14. Nikaulie Noel says:

    How about making a cafe for a doll

  15. marylen ventura says:

    What if you use pancake mix instead of flour?

  16. Megan Mutphy says:

    I love it so much

  17. anikaleann Tran says:

    Can you try to make a doll bakery,please!!!!!!!

  18. yuval ben david says:

    This real dough ??? And I wanted to ask what the ingredients of it maybe
    Flour and salt with water?

  19. Oneandahalf1 says:

    MyFroggyStuff is 100% FABSOME!!! Btw the bread looks real! I tried doing
    this and I almost ate the bread. LOL!

  20. Miemie Celeb says:

    Did anyone else get the botched commercial

  21. Kiersten Francisco says:

    Hey but just asking,do you have to hse model mqgic because i dont have
    model magic and if i ask to buy my mom would probably say no and i need to
    make food for my toys because i dont have food stuff for toys. BY THE
    WAYYYY…I made my first craft from MyFroggyStuff,THE BUNK BED THE HARD ONE
    WITH THE BOOKCASE AND TABLE.If u didnt make that post yet,im probably like
    from 2015 so i made it that year and it took 2 and a half days..Hard and
    easy for mehh! but 5 star for crafts GOOD JOB ON CRAFTS FROGGY!!!!!!

  22. Elizabeth Rivera says:

    You are amazing!!! 

  23. Jaeda Tibbs says:

    There’s no poptarts

  24. KawaiiPanda Gamer says:

    +MyFroggyStuff You remind me that i wanna eat that because it looks so
    amazing. I want to taste this if i were a doll and this reall.

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