HOW TO Make Awesome Candles for a Few Dollars

HOW TO Make Awesome Candles for a Few Dollars

Quick and Simple DIY Candles you can make at home! You CAN do this very easily and make awesome gifts or decor for your house. Join the Email List Here: Here…
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25 Responses

  1. phoenixthecookiemonster says:

    I went full Pinterest once… Woke up surrounded by scraps paper, a stack
    of cards in front me. To this day, I still have no idea what happened. 

  2. Rob Dyke says:

    Finally something to enhance our sex. 

  3. Matthew Santoro says:

    Dude, I’ve been LOVING all the fresh new content! And 4K just tops it off.
    Keep it up!

  4. fackingpos says:

    Warning: be very careful mixing waxes they can have explosive results when
    burning the candle ! I know from experience

  5. HouseholdHacker says:

    Let’s get crafty… Mother’s day… Birthdays, any holiday really. Making
    your own candles shows you put in that extra effort to make a unique one of
    a kind gift that anyone will love.

  6. TheLaydewlf says:

    thank you thank you thank you for not saying to use crayons for coloring.
    that is such a TERRIBLE idea! you might want to clarify though that there
    are different kinds of waxes for containers, pillars and votives, so they
    need to make sure to get the right kind for the project they want to do.
    — retired candle maker.

  7. Stefano says:

    Does the balsa one burn longer?

  8. ja1kee says:

    A 1 in 2.8 million chance of getting a prize? Sounds great! 


    Great video,our neighbor is wax chandler. You could dip and carve, it is
    becoming a lost art. Awesome video!

  10. Diego Shows says:

    Great video 😀 

  11. Liam Rennie says:

    Hi from Dubai

  12. KristenCorpse says:

    That stab at Etsy tho, I can’t. xD

  13. meganjerai says:


  14. WaligoraStudios says:

    Did you ever give those coasters out yet 

  15. TheMightyWill says:

    Can we win that first “failed” candle?? I love it!!

  16. Pantherkraft says:

    *bought at your local arts store*

    Why can’t we buy a candle at our local arts store

  17. Gerrit Jansen says:

    What were u yesterday?

  18. s0nnyburnett says:

    How long till yankee candle and woodwick flag this for showing people how
    not to buy overpriced bullshit?

  19. Haso ken says:

    darude sandstorm

  20. ibragate says:
  21. Unicorn Hemmings says:

    OR… You could just go out and buy a candle for even less money. 

  22. Andy Chan says:


  23. bigjohnson5619 says:

    Cool i haven’t done that in year,s …

  24. Jörgen Ekvall says:

    why not turn the wax blocks directly into candles?

  25. redmig5 says:

    Once you have subscribed how do you get the gifts?

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