How to Make a Pregnancy-Belly Cast

Watch more How to Prepare for a Baby videos: Immortalize your pregnancy by making a cast of your belly. Step 1: Lay down a tarp…
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25 Responses

  1. raymond Schricker says:

    This is very interesting!
    A huge thank you goes to all the mothers and mothers-to-be that go through
    so much during pregnancy!
    Seriously, humans would cease to exist without your devotion.
    thank you!

  2. Chelsey Bowman says:

    Some of you are so immature it’s sad. This is something very special to a
    lot of mothers. Not for little punks who have nothing better to do then
    talk ignorant. Grow up and go watch videos that you can relate to.
    It’s fun to do the cast and then have your loved ones sign it at the babies
    shower ect. Then you can hang it in the babies nursery 

  3. Mercia MA says:

    Love this !! and thank you to my dear friend Patricia for sending me this
    link! My daughter is expecting her first baby and my first grandchild and
    she is in love with her belly growing and Im gonna send her this and I can
    assure you she is goin to go mad and I can already see her making one every
    week LOL!!! she loves her belly!! Aww thank you for sharing this video! 

  4. Joan Obregon says:
  5. Elaina's Corner says:

    You can order this online. Take a look on Amazon.

  6. Brooke Coulier says:

    I want to make one of these lol. This pregnancy has sucked majorly, but I
    do adore my bump. However…it looks really odd without the breasts. It
    just doesn’t look right without them.

  7. x3chae says:

    Some people are so immature…

  8. BrawlMasterROB says:

    who has the fucking space in their house to keep one of these things?

  9. m3ndez2010 says:

    yeah! 😀 i like me

  10. happygirl12092 says:

    who would want to make this

  11. xKANONism says:

    That’s sooo weird. DDD:

  12. lennic95 says:

    I’ll definitely do this if I get pregnant, I’d include the hands holding
    the belly, though.

  13. XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX says:

    oh well my bad. lol

  14. rubijan says:

    Check out MamaCasts – com If you’d like some help making beautiful sculpted
    portraits. If doing at home use NON-petrollium Jelly – stay non-toxic for
    mom/baby Smaller pieces preserve details and make structure stronger.

  15. Maddie Blaney says:

    plus three more for the nipple if ur including breasts in this cast WTF !

  16. animepandax3 says:

    the dude really needs to shave

  17. nedmano says:

    why do this?

  18. oppossumsrock2 says:

    hahaha NICE

  19. Hinkdot says:

    WTF is wrong with people???? hahaha

  20. Maggie Glam says:

    Creepy ..

  21. juggalettetillidie1 says:

    haha HEYY GUESS WHAT BOOBIES!!!!!!!!11

  22. cokiemeli says:

    oo this is so beautiful what a nice way to remenber

  23. Elaina's Corner says:

    Did not get around to doing this until pregnant with baby number six.
    Surely wish we did this sooner.

  24. fabulissj says:

    i was wondering where i can purchase the preplastered gauze??? like what
    type of store

  25. XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX says:

    oh heres comes cool guy who happens to be the funny police. and no i was
    exaggerating i just hate it when babies cry its ANNOYING!!!!!

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