How to Lose Your Fear of What People Think

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24 Responses

  1. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

    Live your dream. :)

  2. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:


  3. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

    my friend I know where i’d be if it weren’t for you’re being here with me,
    I have so much love for you, but you already know that. lol.
    infinite<8 thank you

  4. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

    I finally found u again,after years…I always remembered you’re words,but
    I was lost you’re page…thanx 

  5. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

    Beautiful words thank you:) 

  6. Kristian Bala says:

    Thats what I dealt with today.

  7. Kenneth Farnham Thornton II says:

    LOSE THE FEAR– live in love as One
    This is the most balanced message ive ever heard on youtube about the
    spiritual journey through life.
    –Much Love to all

    How to Lose Your Fear of What People Think

  8. VanityVain1 says:

    Ralph thanks so much for this video! I can listening every day to just
    start my day and not live in fears ! Thanks from my hearth! Namaste!!

  9. Akookies says:

    Your words are so powerful. You helped me find a great point of view in my
    life. For that I am thankful to you. I hope you are well Ralph Thank you so
    much. 😀 😀 :D

  10. Joanna Wiśniewska says:

    For some reason this video made me super emotional.and im crying…

  11. Awesama Friendladen says:

    my friend I know where i’d be if it weren’t for you’re being here with me,
    I have so much love for you, but you already know that. lol.
    infinite<8 thank you

  12. emokiller907 says:

    You forgot the “can I get a hellooooooooo theeeeeeeeere!” :'(

  13. Luvie1980 says:

    I was waiting for this. It is an ongoing battle for especial given the fact
    that I am an actor. But I always try to focus more on myself. Thank you for
    this, I needed to hear this today. 

  14. devourer pudge says:

    Hey man, what do you do for a living?

  15. Jorge Arturi says:

    Im a silent follower… just passing by to say thank you for all ur words

  16. Golden Clay says:

    I was meant to come to you. I found your videos in the oddest way. Wasn’t
    even looking for them. This has happened to me in a weeks time of watching
    you. My inner self have gone through some amazing changes. My chains are
    beginning to break. Thanks for the video on being too nice this started me
    on my journey to freedom. I was always one to worry about what people
    thought of me so much so that I just did not feel comfortable around most
    anybody not even my own family. I would always drown out in the background.
    Playing dumb not smart because I did not want to upset people. Wanted to
    be nice. Always in agreement with others even when I knew darn well that I
    did not even agree to what they had just said. Never had a “VOP” (voice
    over people) I would always hold in my feelings of frustration until I
    could not take it any more. That never turned out well. Mostly I would get
    mad run and hide not able to face up. I was holding myself back in so many
    ways. Truly I want to thank you in so many ways for sharing yourself with
    us because I have been trying to get here for so long. I still am trying to
    wrap my head around how what you shared is bringing out who I was all the
    time and how so easily I am able to master it so quickly . I am not hiding
    anymore who I really am. Today at work; I had no stress or worry,
    no awkward feelings, did not play dumb, I actually spoke up, because never
    again will I care what others think of me. Thank you! Thank You! (I am
    good enough!)

  17. AnnesBlog selvhjælpsvideoer says:

    Thank you SO much for this video 🙂 I can totally understand your point –
    this is perfect for me right now – I need to love and accept all of me to
    get unstock – great stuff :-)

  18. Kamal Weheliye says:

    Thank you this is really good tips on how to face your fear 

  19. LoadingFootage says:

    your melanin is beautiful bro

  20. JE ENN says:


  21. Milkh3ad says:

    Thnx man, that was really inspiring. 

  22. molly marley says:

    Like you said dancing gets rid of fear or problems in the mind, well this
    isn’t dancing but when I’m stressed listening to Bob marley makes me calm
    right down, I sit there singing how long shall they kill our profits we
    stand beside and look, and obvously he singing about the goverment. Your
    videos are amazing what a pure understanding of life you have, and what’s
    best about you is you just spiritual non religous at all as you know what
    religon is designed for, pure spritual you are and that’s how everyone
    needs to be.
    Absolute loving the videos, amazing man you need to be on stage somewhere
    doing this what your doing, your awaking man for the new age that’s coming,
    the age of love hopefully as this pisces age as been a mess, you need to
    check out omnec onec she just like you honestly

  23. heavensent2love says:

    I always care what people think way too much and am always worried I will
    disappoint…thank you for being REAL and helping me deal with this :)

  24. OneSideStrike says:

    Made me tear up quite a bit.
    This is precious. I realise it takes little to forget what this video
    teaches so i’m gonna refresh it a few times 🙂
    Thanks Ralph.

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