How To Install Vinyl Siding On Your House

Shannon from shows you how to install vinyl siding on your house. Vinyl siding is getting to be one of the most used low maintenance low cost sidings on the…
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  1. Randy Sniff says:

    In regards to the drip cap, how does the vinyl siding attach to those
    areas? Do you install J-channel on top of it or do you install a starter

  2. leeroY Coters says:

    170 people cant follow directions nice vid though thanks

  3. cliff spabb says:

    i thought you guys used the metric system in canada. 

  4. DukeLaCrosse20 says:

    (Apologies if this was answered — no way to search 627 comments)

    @Shannon you mention you are *not* using the starter strip and give a
    reason, but I really didn’t understand your reason. Why is the J channel a
    good substitute in your example? Why does it matter if there was already
    an existing elevation you’re trying to match.

  5. Akash Tumu says:

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, they are very helpful, keep up the good work!

  6. autocrow says:

    “slit the sheet” Now That would be tough to say. Good video.

  7. justiniano amado says:

    This men is very helpful and rumble, god bless you. 

  8. hector solis says:

    Hi, this is a good video, thanks for sharing! I would like to ask you what
    is the exact name and brand for the vinyl siding notcher 1 in tool the you
    use in this video (7:20) and where I could buy it overnight. Thanks for
    your help,

  9. Coolhand says:

    I am commenting so the comments aren’t 666. Lol. Great informative video.

  10. Fast Eddie says:

    Hi, Shannon… thanks for taking the time to make this VERY informative
    video, you are very informative and knowledgeable.

  11. michael bailey says:

    you are good instructor ; estimates to do my small home way to high ; so i
    will attempt to do myself ; your instructive video ; has helped me .thanks

  12. Derek Johnson says:

    Why didn’t you put J channel around the dryer vent? It appeared the cover
    didn’t “seal” around it. What did you do to seal it?

  13. Simon K says:

    Nice video as always! Going to try and side an ice fishing house for an
    experiment! Think I got enough knowledge to do the job now thanks to your
    video! I think you may have missed something in the video though, measure,
    cut, fit, take off, remeasure, cut again and install again :)

  14. Blue Door Property Maintenance says:

    Excellent video. Well done.

  15. the mongoose says:

    Enjoy watching all your videos and the beautiful Canadian countryside. Keep
    up the great work, you make it look so simple. 

  16. AngieODIY says:

    Very helpful!

  17. Thomas Price says:

    is there a good way to fix a corner without taking it all down. i have one
    with rock damage i was thinking about trying to make a patch out of a scrap
    corner piece and glueing it in place. 

  18. Minecraft Wardawg says:

    nice job, I am a sider also and was checking your video to see if there are
    any tricks I don’t know. You did a great job, I also prefer the krimper
    tool for pieces under windows or last pieces before the soffit. One thing
    though, if you would put more meta-data in your description, google would
    place your ad in higher rankings and you would get more views. thanks for
    the post.

  19. TheDerek47 says:

    Can you install new vinyl siding over existing cedar shingle siding without
    installing new windows?

  20. nwjt says:

    I am going to replace one side of my house. They sell the exact siding I
    had but I found a close match in color. Will I have to replace all the j
    molding and stuff too or will the new siding just snap to the existing?

  21. elvin mosses says:

    Buddy you need to learn how to chalk level lines and use your tape and pull
    up a 16th of an inch on each row,if everybody sides that way you all end up
    with the same finisher:p

  22. Jim Thomas says:

    Is the drip cap over the top of the window made out of J-channel ? It
    looked like it was but I wasn’t sure since you never referred to it as
    being J-channel.

  23. Sprucegrove123 says:

    Excellent video good job!

  24. Jack Wheeler says:

    Thanks for all the info! Everything was explained very well! I appreciated
    your time. Well done!

  25. thetruth says:

    I have a question I am siding my garage it is a bit old has vertical boards
    with these strips covering the seams. Anyway, on the side of the garage the
    boards go very close to the top of pavers height below the board is a
    gap can I fill this gap that probably 1-1/2 ” wide and as thick as the
    pavers with concrete (rapid set )? I just don’t want the siding to absorb
    water when it rains or snows. TY 

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