How to improve your vision and eyesight – Bilberry Eye wildcrafted herbs

This stuff really works! Dr. Christopher’s brand is amazing so check it out. Please leave me you comments!
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8 Responses

  1. Anuja Mali says:

    Thank u so much for this video.. May God bless u.. 

  2. Naturacleopatra a says:

    This is great! I’m always excited to hear about natural alternatives and
    remedies. +vitalivesfree just posted a video on improving eyesight through
    eye exercises. You might enjoy the info. The glasses look good though. 🙂 

  3. aldo125 says:

    Very informative great video. i started wearing glasses myself awhile back
    i believe 17 or 18 years ago. i used to sit in the back of the classroom
    and thought i needed to sit closer to see so even after i moved closer i
    couldnt read the board that well. i ended up getting glasses and i was so
    surprised how everything looked. i was shocked how everybody was seeing it
    was one of those moments i thought everybody saw a little fuzzy like i did
    lol. i ended up wearing contacts so i use both glasses for home and
    contacts for when im out. im not into taking suppliments but i will
    definitly try to remember and do those eye exercises you talked about never
    thought about actually excercising your eyes but that is a good point. if
    my vision gets worse i might consider lasik mind you i do have bad vision

  4. christianhope1000 says:

    I know you have a lot of trust and respect for this Dr. because you have
    mentioned him before in your other videos. I have a good friend of mine who
    sells all types of natural
    herbs for almost any type of physical ailment. He has helped a lot of
    people, natural herbs really do work.

    Before I go… when you pulled out the bag of confrey, it looked like some
    bud, don’t get pulled over with that stuff in your pocket !! haha Talk with
    you soon Raheel.

  5. Martin Černý says:

    Hey 2pape, great informative video, interessting to me as I have to wear
    glasses myself.
    You seem to lot about natural medical supplements, where did you got your
    knowledge from? I’m also interested in this topic, but find there is a lot
    of marketing in this area targeted on people with the attitude like my
    mother has: everything chemical is evil, everything natural is good. I’m
    actually studying chemistry very hard to get to the med school, but feel
    like most people studying and teaching at those schools have very little
    appreciation for natural healing. I do my best to learn from both sources
    of knowledge.

  6. Raul Taylor says:

    Good tips there, buddy! 🙂

    I have also been using glasses almost my entire life (since I was 12, to be
    exact), though I really stopped noticing it after switching to contact
    lenses in around 2006 or so.
    Love your natural pov to most things in life, and your videos are always
    thought provoking and informative! Thanks!

  7. JBVision says:

    I actually started wearing glasses this summer, probably long overdue. I
    think years of staring at a computer screen had taken their toll! I’ll
    check out these herbs but, to be honest, I find the sheer number of
    supplements available a little overwhelming! I already take 6 pills in the
    morning and that seems like a lot.

    Pretty sizeable stash of herbs you got there haha ;)

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