How to Identify G M O Genetically Modified Food @ the Grocery Store

Thanks So Much 4 Subscribing to: Creative Commons Attribution (reuse allowed) Disturbing test on Rats that were fed G.M.O corn for one year {{Results}}http://w…
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  1. suspectsn0thing says:

    YAY! Now I know where to find the BEST GMOs! No longer will I be scared of
    putting ORGANIC foods on the plates of my children.

  2. Jeff W says:

    Don’t label so you have unaware consumers which are then tricked into
    buying your GMO foods. Labeling GMO would NOT cause loss profits…loss
    profits comes from GMO process itself and the business model of the company
    itself because ultimately consumers are becoming very aware of what we are
    sticking into our mouths now and Monsanto DOESN’T want that. Give
    consumers the choice of sticking GMO foods into their body or not…do not
    try to force or trick us with this trickery!! I do not want to buy GMO
    foods period. FUCK GMO and FUCK MONSANTO!

  3. Toni Greene says:
  4. Jerry Garriott says:

    And people scratch their heads and think in the back of their minds. .I
    wonder why people are getting cancer and dying 20 2-30 years before their
    parents. Grandparents and great grandparents..and. then the kids getting
    sick and dying. It’s not only our food but our water and the very air wrong
    breathe. It was inevitable but when Jesus gets the green light from the
    Father there will be m
    Excuse me language. .hell to pay. .trust me

  5. Burt Haynes says:

    To cleanse the body of toxins is not hard, it just involves some solid
    advice and solutions to cleanse the body that are built on common sense,
    not wishful thinking.

  6. superque4 says:

    WARNING: Monsanto’s pro-GMO trolls have INFESTED this thread!

  7. T.House says:

    Hey thank you for making a wonderful video about GMO

  8. Thomas Reece says:
  9. Skepti Cat says:

    Parliament Backs GMO Opt-out for EU Member States:
    New legislation to allow EU member states to restrict or ban the
    cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on
    their own territory, even if this is allowed at EU level, was passed by
    MEPs on Tuesday. The legislation, informally agreed by Parliament and
    Council in December, was originally tabled in 2010 but was then deadlocked
    for four years due to disagreement between pro- and anti-GMO member states.

  10. Ronnie Hayze says:

    sadly, the video doesn’t tell you how to identify gmo foods. it just tells
    you that it’s mixed in with the regular(?) foods. then goes on to say that
    the only way to be sure is to buy certified organic. well….i’m pretty
    sure there’s no longer any way to guarantee something as organic to begin
    with. like it or not, it’s in everything now, and that’s why they don’t
    want to be forced to label. if they had to make any gmo, or possibly
    contaminated foods go in a bright florescent orange package, you would have
    towear sunglasses at the grocery store. then the people would march out
    and riot once they realize they’ve been lied to forever, and that there
    really is no real food left.

  11. xSpaceAce says:

    BT toxin (mostly corns but can get sprayed on other plants too) is related
    to leaky-gut syndrome btw. If you already have leaky-gut your only chance
    is to avoid gmo’s 100%.

  12. dont shut me down google ferrante says:

    How to Identify G M O Genetically Modified Food @ the Grocery Store:

  13. Phương Đàm says:
  14. Gerry Mendoza says:

    Identify #GMO #Foods 

  15. Paul Plus says:


  16. Jeriah Levi says:

    With Seven billion people on the planet if we all started eating non GMO
    and non poisons there wouldn’t be enough food to go around for everyone.
    Most people have to eat poisonous GMO and garbage so that some of us can
    eat real food and live on. Thank you for your sacrifice!

  17. gudatine says:

    Extra large fruits and veggies are GMO, it’s so obvious. I always buy in
    the organic section . also the meats and seafood are Amish (free from
    antibiotics, hormones and other garbage). it’s worth the extra 25 cents.
    those number labels mean nothing, they’re only for pricing. Also, you
    can taste the big difference in organic food. gmo leaves a sticky
    feeling in the mouth and has very little taste.

  18. isaac gould says:

    Can you tell the difference in what you are eating, what is real and what
    is a experiment?
    PFWCES has the healthiest style of true organic foods to your table.

  19. Poy Butwet says:

    Thank you for clip. I’m Puducer from thailand Voice TV CH.

  20. Deborah Barnwell says:
  21. HappyandAtheist says:

    who cares GMO are total fine. 

  22. changeisnowpeople says:

    bro… what wake up.. u gotta study more… any banana that is yellow is a
    gmo…. natural wild bananas have big seeds. the green revolution/genetic
    modification of crops revolution CREATED the banana as we know today… it
    has enhanced performance, many athletes eat around the world…. yes there
    are some issues. like use of pesticides. which is completely ignored.
    testing on common people in cities show city people have unacceptable
    levels of pesticides in them. if we wanna change the world. we must change
    first. we must master agriculture n we gotta stop playing small. think
    bigger. will help u. n i always share these things. do share any more imp

  23. Willow Dawn says:

    Just because the FDA states its safe, does not mean its is. How many times
    have they approved stuff, and then years later find that it is harmful,
    like saccharin which is proven to cause cancer, and also aspartame which
    causes problems with the nervous system and I watched my father in law go
    into a severe state of dementia after constantly drinking diet cokes. He
    was diagnosed with aspartame poisoning! I also have read studies that GMO
    corn has caused tumors in lab rats as well. So there is noway I will ever
    believe that this crap they put out for us to eat is safe, but another part
    of the governments plan to implement AGENDA 21.

  24. Beeornotb says:


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