How to Have True Heart Health

How to Have True Heart Health

How to Have True Heart Health Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. There is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol. If an artery is “blocked” then why is there blood flow on the other…
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  1. John Bergman says:

    How to Have True Heart Health
    Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. There is no such thing as good or
    bad cholesterol. If an artery is “blocked” then why is there blood flow on
    the other side of the blockage?
    At and we strive to
    educate people on natural solutions to health.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ is my online video course with 21
    videos, 3 manuals and an online forum! for online consults.

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  2. thecosmy1 says:

    It`s really nice when I watch your videos and calm down after hearing my
    doc say all the things that can happen to me if I don`t take this or that
    pill to regulate my bp.

  3. Taylor Cruize says:

    In hate it when I see ads on TV that promote low cholesterol for “better
    heart health”. I feel sorry for people who fall for big pharma’s bullshit

  4. Karen Rawkin says:

    The body will do 3 things to combat an acidic environment within. 1.
    raise cholesterol 2. pull calcium from anywhere it can get it 3. hold
    water… (edema) 

  5. Candy Sue says:

    Please, Dr. Bergman, tell me what is the healthiest kind of oil for our
    bodies? Is it Olive oil? If so, what kind of olive oil is the
    healthiest? How about coconut oil?
    I have recently found and watched your videos and am very excited about
    what you say and that it all makes sense. I am on high blood pressure
    medicine and am classified as obese. I am 63 and so want to change my
    eating and exercise to get healthy and fit. Thank you for sharing all that
    you know. 

  6. Heather Van Daalen says:

    Just some interesting stuff: “Vegas” got its name from the “Vagus nerve”
    also the term “vagrant” : to wander,
    The “vagus” nerve wanders all over the body:( This is of course Esoteric.
    Love your knowledge and much wisdom Dr. John ! 

  7. Dmitry Tamoikin says:

    TRUE HEART HEALTH: An eye opening seminar. Throwaway your aspirin.–y3w

  8. Pat B Sangaroon says:

    #hearthealthy #Foods 

  9. mnminnmn says:

    how about congestive heart failure? how is that dealth with?

  10. Connie Respicio says:

    love the way John breaks the information down to simplified terms and
    explains it so well : Thanks for the great information

  11. DarkViggen says:

    It was Goebbels not Hitler who said ‘If you repeat a lie often enough,
    people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself’

  12. 4460cows says:

    Mom is Diabetic on Cumadin for blood thinning. She had left side strokes.
    Dealing with all the medications is a constant battle. Health is poor what
    can she do to re-gain damages from the stroke and still have a quality of
    life with Diabetis? Doctors want her to stay away from leaf greens. Her
    levels are constantly having to be adjusted. Frustration is running high
    with her state of being. Any suggestions?

  13. musclehard1 says:

    Yes I’m feeling some kind of way because he has all the answers but he’s
    definitely over weight 

  14. Donald Woody says:

    They talk about how its dangerous to quit an aspirin regiment what is the
    truth in this?

  15. Oleta Payne says:

    I had not been able to sleep over maybe 4 hours a night. I bought some
    liquid melanin and put 2 drops in some water and drank it couple months
    ago. I haven’t had a problem sleeping since. Sleep sound all night… The
    directions on the melanin said to add 10 drops to a drink… I used two

  16. Sue Mendiola says:

    I always wondered why they used snake venom in medications…truly, we were
    fearfully, wonderfully made…and the ones commenting are left without the
    fear…part of it…in their bones…keep it up! I agree with the
    diagnosis…my dad died from a bypass and I didnt agree with it at
    all…his last words over the phone, “why should they operate my heart,
    when my foot is the problem?” (Died in Makati, Philippines) so, dont go

  17. thisjohn1 says:

    I’m not a doctor but try using cayenne pepper to help blood flow. Also
    works to stop bleeding, herbal legacy website discusses this

  18. Gloria Werth says:

    Thank god for you knowledge and common scents. Always be joy your lectures.
    Canadian advocate

  19. Joseph Petro says:


  20. surfcasualms says:

    So many haters and kool-aid drinkers out there. Least he doesn’t work for
    big pharma or smoke cigs like I remember most doctors did years ago and
    some still do! keep the good stuff coming doc!

  21. nicktechsupport says:

    Is it me or does this guy look pretty unhealthy for someone spouting about
    heart health?

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