How To Get Your Parents To Buy You A Horse

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22 Responses

  1. Jason Caceres says:

    For some reason I saw HOUSE instead of HORSE…I’m disappointed… #aging 

  2. Emma Gemmell says:

    my mum doesnt trust me cuz im dont really play much attention to out
    ferrets… but thts cuz i want to do horsey stuff like: read books on
    write essays for fun on horses,
    watch youtube vidoes on horses,
    play horse games,
    i always talk about horses,
    look at pics of them,
    i have bookmarked like 20 horse info website! i dont know what else will
    make me seem serious T/|T HELP ME PLEASE!!! my mum keeps telling me she
    will start me on riding lessons but she never does! I also do gymnastics
    after school for free im 12 and whn i was 5 and learnt to read i have been
    reading up on horses doing EVERY THING horses!! what else?

  3. alexa johnson says:

    Or you get a job and buy yourself a horse.. that’s what I did. I got a job
    at the barn. then at a local restaurant. and I have a horse. (im under 18)
    I pay for the “appliances” to keep my horse fit. my parents and I split the
    rent. I don’t like people who just “get” a horse. you should apply devotion
    and time. trust me ,it pays off 10x more. 

  4. horsesrmylife78 says:

    I agree with you 100%! If you don’t mind, I have something to add.
    A lot of people look at owning a horse as proof that you love horses more
    than anything and that you love horses more than anyone who doesn’t own a
    horse. And people who think that way will want to own a horse not only for
    the experience but to prove that they love horses more than anyone else
    (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here, I was that kid several years

    But the thing that you have to consider is that when people say not to rush
    into owning a horse, they aren’t just questioning your dedication. They’re
    also thinking about the horse. Horses don’t want to change homes all of the
    time and it isn’t good for someone to buy a horse and then sell them just a
    month or two later. If someone isn’t going to keep a horse for long, then
    they shouldn’t get one at all because that horse needs to find its forever
    home and it doesn’t need to waste time getting moved from barn to barn
    every few months. Even if this isn’t your plan, people will worry that this
    could happen accidentally and the horse will suffer because of it. That’s
    why you need to be prepared before you get a horse, and that’s why you
    don’t take offense when people tell you to slow down and wait before
    getting one.

    If you don’t own a horse, that doesn’t mean you don’t love them, and you
    can’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If lessons or leasing is the best
    option for you right now, that just means that you’re mature enough to
    think about the horse and take this seriously. While many horse owners do
    love horses, many horse leasers do as well, and so do many people who just
    do lessons. How much you love horses is not defined by how many you own.
    You know how much you love horses, and you don’t need papers to prove it to
    yourself or to anyone else. 

  5. TheTallEventer710 says:

    “How to get your parents to buy you a horse”
    You don’t. You save up and you get your own. 

  6. Zweezle says:

    So you didn’t ask your parents at all so you bought a horse and parents
    didn’t know?

    I’m so confused

  7. Sour Blueberries says:

    So like, been riding for a year and takes 2 lessons a week and my dads says
    wait till I’m sixteen and see if I’m still interested. And I’m like
    WHY???????? Though I need to learn more about horse riding before owning a

  8. Caroline Kennedy says:

    I love horses soo much and we have a hector of land [it’s flat] and I have
    been riding for almost 3 years now and I am really serious about having a
    horse but my Mum and Dad say it’s just a phase what do I do? DX

  9. Emily M. says:

    How did you get enough money to pay for your horse and everything to take
    care of and ride him?

  10. grace rampton says:

    I go to the stables every day and my mum and dad said I will get a horse on
    my b day or christmas 

  11. Lollypopgirl38385 Heart Simmer says:

    I have a question, my parents dont lease me a horse cause they think that
    horseback riding isnt a sport and it doesnt give u a good future job, then
    I also do gymnastics and my parents keep on saying that horseback riding
    doesnt give u a good future but gymnastics does, and at this point I never
    have even takin riding lessons but everytime in my life that I have ever
    been on a horse or just near horses I have always felt like thats wut I
    wanted to do, but my parents on the otherhand arent taking me seriously and
    just start scolding me about everything I said bout horses and I just get
    rlly upset. My mom never liked riding in her life so she thinks that riding
    is boring for everyone and my dad doesnt want to get it a fight with her so
    he just agrees with her I have been trying to convince my parents for like
    2 months already. and I need serious help.

  12. HorseLoverAnnalise says:

    I cant because i share a yard and my mam says i cant have one she never
    says why but ive been riding for 4 year and wouldn’t ever regret it she
    wont let me but horse stuff because she always knocks my confidence down by
    saying nope your not even getting a horse so why even bother 

  13. XP Overload says:

    Hi I’m a 12 year old who is obsessed with horse riding…..
    About 2 years ago I didi horse riding for 2 years but I fell off and lost
    my confidence so recently I got back into it and have been doing really
    well I even fell off but got back on again do still thank its to early I
    keep asking my parents but my mom said if I keep talking about it then I’m
    not allowed even do lessons please help someone!!!!!!!!

  14. jess glynn says:

    i’m 10 and i’ve been riding for 5 years i love horses more than ANYTHING my
    older sister used to have her own horse but had to sell because she didn’t
    have enough time for it 🙁 but im really hoping to get my own horse in
    the next few years :-)

  15. Sims HorsieGirlll says:

    My parents won’t get me a horse because they don’t have the money. 

  16. Emily Sahyouni says:

    Hi Raleigh ,my parents are thinking about buying me a horse . I’ve been
    riding for 7 years but never leased ,where I live you can’t lease. Would it
    be too little if I went to the barn 3/4 times a week ????

  17. HoRsEcRaZy 171 says:

    I am 12 and have been riding since i was about 2 and i have always wanted a
    horse… and i have just moved from Florida to Montana and I’m getting a
    summer (full time) job at a local stable and I have raised soooooooo much
    money for this horse…i can’t wait till the fall!! Lots of good wishes to
    all of y’all trying to get a horse out there!!!! :)

  18. SarahTheGreat LPS says:

    thanks this really helps 😀 now i know how 🙂 ty

  19. abdullah hussain says:

    I’ve been riding for 4 years and I never asked for a horse ’cause I know it
    takes a lot of responsibility 

  20. Maisie McCann says:

    I’m 11 been riding for six years and help out at my local stables every
    weekend , summer , Easter .ect.
    I can jump , trot , walk canter , gallop. My boss even lets my do backup in
    some treks and I’m still not allowed a horse

  21. Harvie Howard says:

    OMG thanks so much im getting my horse on friday well I go to see a few on
    Friday and if I find one thats good for me then im getting it. 

  22. Grace Perkins says:

    I feel like all the passionate kids end up with parents who think it’s just
    a phase, and all the kids who grow out of it end up with the super fancy

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