How to get rid of Belly Fat

Some of my best tips to burn that belly fat! My weight loss meal plan- My cardio dance workout- My Ab workout- http://www.youtub…

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  1. Morgan Robertson says:

    This video made me subscribe. Your awesomeee

  2. Adrian Wilson says:

    If white rice is so bad. Why do Asians eat so much of it? When was the last
    time u seen a fat Asian? 

  3. Hallie Pounds says:

    Whenever i do cardio (to burn fat) it will burn it anywhere BESIDES my
    stomach. Ab workouts only strengthen. And the ONLY place i get fat is in
    the belly. Im perfectly fine everywhere else (i know this is the same for
    alot of people but i dont know what to do) i have a decently healthy diet
    but WHYYYYY????

  4. Emmy J Rejdvik says:

    Girl this helped me so much. You are amazing. 

  5. Sunethra K says:

    I’m in my late 20’s, 5’4 and at 142.6lbs. I want to be 135lbs and have been
    struggling to lose that last stuff! I have been toning but been struggling.
    Diet has changed massively. I guess I have to do more weight lifting maybe
    (I am quite active in general since like 5 years old lol).

  6. salsabel abuazza says:

    Omg I am totally going to subscribe thank you so much !! 

  7. Bruno Petrović says:

    You can’t lose fat because of only eating healty, you must do fat burning

  8. Mayak says:

    use complex carbs- sweet potatoes flax seeds-great fiber 

  9. Kandice Mccluskie says:

    ok you must watch ALOT of joey graceffa

  10. ghufy .rose says:

    Why are 11 and 12 year old kids doing here
    Go play outside enjoy ur childhood smh

  11. xoxoprincessxoxo1000 says:

    Waaaa my family eats white rice and they hate brown rice ;((

  12. Uriel Agosto says:

    She talks as if she just did a quick research off Google then made the

  13. Solveig Victoria Stenersen says:

    Just had a big mac menu and feel fatter than ever… Society is fucked up.
    I’m 164cm and ca 69kg..My bmi is ca. 25, but i’m a pear, so i’m not in the
    danger zone, but I still feel gross.
    I think i’m gonna work out later.. Like.. alot. 

  14. chouhette bangu says:

    your soo pretty lol

  15. reviewmaster101 says:

    I’m 13 160lbs football player. I have great speed for my size im actully
    faster than a lot of skinny people older than me but I wanna get toned and
    six pAck before August 2015 it is January 2015 is it possible for me? 

  16. Adrian Wilson says:

    What to get rid of your belly? Don’t eat so much. I lose 47lbs n 8 months.
    Eat less meat.

  17. Kiara Frazier says:

    c: I’m 15 and I weigh 139 pounds. I can lose weight but I always had this
    problem when I was younger. I ALWAYS had my tummy popping out. I always
    wanted to lose that belly fat. But its hard to have a big tummy and run at
    the same time (I love running and exercising <3) Is there any quick easy
    way to get rid of that fat?

  18. Will United says:

    What if u don’t like fruit and vegetables 

  19. rajashree chaudhury says:
  20. Tai Nhan says:

    Do you really MEAN water????!!! 

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