How to Get People to Like You in Just a Few Seconds

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24 Responses

  1. myfreetime123 says:

    I wish everyone was as nice as this guy. 

  2. Chase Walker says:

    bro your channel is amazing

  3. Twili Vaati says:

    If only I were a girl :/ then I’d be eligible to date you xD

  4. PeakYourMind says:

    @myriambekkoucha, thank you! Love hearing that it’s helpful :)

  5. Alessandra Banholzer says:

    you’re amazing!! thank you for all those tipps , it helped me sooo much!!
    And i’m so sorry for my english hahah

  6. music in my soul says:

    Bro seriously you have awesome sense of humour!!!!

  7. Jamie Liu says:

    I like you instantly because you’re smiling all the time, even when you’re
    talking and would make other people feel warm and start to like you faster.

  8. Imro adlk says:

    You re cute! I love your smile;) Haha thanks for the video:)

  9. ALEP 24 :) says:

    So what this video is saying is to not be yourself

  10. RoheLimeGreen says:

    You sound a bit like Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park! xD

  11. Matts BookTalk says:

    My favorite method is to find out what interest that person, like hobbies,
    work etc.. I’ve come to realize that people enjoy talking about
    themselves. But this takes the art of listening.

  12. Holly Henderson says:

    You should be a therapist or something, you’ve helped so many people with
    being awkward and stuff (including myself lol)

  13. Robert Cummings says:

    So what happens if both of you are trying to match each other??

  14. Jonathan Dough says:

    The best and surest way to get people to like you is to ask them about
    themselves. And LISTEN and be interested in them and their stuff.

  15. Dnyh A. says:

    This is easier said than done. I’d probably be too caught up in myself to
    be able to observe the other person closely enough to be able to do
    something like this the first time round. Need some practice I guess!

  16. Paulo Serápio says:

    What you can learn from this video: How to not be yourself and get someone
    to like the mirror/fake version of himself? I much rather speak with
    someone with an actual honest personality. Here is a free tip from a none
    youtuber: if they don’t like the way you are or talk you are better off
    without them in your life.

  17. Shyaam Menon says:

    Nice video–Best wishes

  18. real talks with Kalob says:

    dude you seem soo chill and like your channel i also how arent you you
    tubes #1 advice guys?

  19. Hamdi Mohamed says:

    your videos are really amazing

  20. Krystal Aguilar says:

    lmao! “This guys got balls” LOL

  21. Sumbal Arif says:

    this is brilliant!! You’re really smart!!

  22. Bobby Sanders says:

    I like you man! I know you’ve heard this heaps, but I am really suprised
    you aren’t more popular than you actually are. But as selfish as this
    sounds it makes me happy that I am the preveliged 100,000 person to have
    your advise :)

  23. Sophia Brown says:


  24. yassin omrinem says:

    i’m sorry, but trying to match others means lack of self esteem or i don’t
    know how to put it, cuz one should be himself and do what he always does,
    if i match him that means he’s or she’s more important than me that i
    changed my self for him, i don’t want him to like me if i have to be like

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