How To Get Over An Argument (July 4th special)… Matthew Hussey… Get The Guy

How To Get Over An Argument (July 4th special)... Matthew Hussey... Get The Guy

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25 Responses

  1. Daniela Kurz says:

    I loved the dog!! So cute :)

  2. everlastingeuphoria says:

    You, ever-so wonderful & amazing Mr. Matthew Hussey, speak A LOT of sense.

  3. Harleen Dahiya says:

    she is sooo cute <3

  4. michmeg says:

    you’re freakin awesome Hussey! I bought my friend this book of yours for
    her birthday because she goes out with the most horrible men. 

  5. zoe B says:

    Best part of the video was totally the dog XD

  6. Arel G. says:

    love it ! … and love the end too =) hahahaha !!! “make it more
    interesting” awww! thank you !

  7. Lady Nguyen says:

    Hope this helps the couples out there. 

  8. Chao Lee says:


  9. AntitheistPOV says:

    “Go away and change yourself until you meet my standards”

    Are you talking about a woman or a dog that wasn’t properly trained? You
    sound like an egotistical wanker.

  10. Dillon Reid says:

    Don’t go becoming a stuck-up bitch!! Lmaooo I love you

  11. Sheila Zelman says:

    Your dog is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. whitneyu182 says:

    You know that game when you put your arms behind your back, and a friends
    stands behind you and pretends to be your arms? I feel his arms belong to
    someone else!

  13. Tia Rose says:

    Tea? Ooooh, I see what you did there. 🙂 Just say no to that tea from that
    Englishman, Jameson. Or throw it in Boston Harbor. 

  14. binaboop1 says:

    Jameson… throw that tea in the harbor!

  15. Evita Evans says:

    Ha! Brilliant. 

  16. Simuben WanTatah says:

    Giving Jameson(sp?) English tea. LOL That was so mean :)

  17. Laura Alfaro says:

    you should have millions of views, you’re words are just so TRUE!

  18. rosemaravilha says:

    she knows….aaawwww! x

  19. amphioxus says:

    Omg! Your funny and educational. . I learned so much. I’m a guy and I love
    your videos

  20. Maggie Mogul says:

    Lmao, your last comment<3 

  21. Silvia Pastanaga says:

    LOl Xddd

  22. jessica kawaguchi says:

    this kinda answered my question earlier of how to more or less comfront
    problems i feel need to be resolved in my relationship ^_^ 

  23. dhb626yt says:

    That dog is doggone (no pun intented) cute!!!!!! (Smiles)

  24. Maggie Mogul says:

    Great advice as always! Love your videos!

  25. WhitleyRhea says:

    I love how funny his videos have gotten recently. Its a mix of great advice
    and comedy to keep me even more interested!

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