How to Get Motivated to Workout & Eat Healthy

Knowing How to Get Motivated to workout and eat healthy is so important! You may know how to diet and exercise but it you don’t know how to get yourself to WANT TO you won’t. Trainer and…

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25 Responses

  1. Yotto O. says:

    Great advice! Thank you. 

  2. Lauren Kinman says:

    Yay! Your so amazing! That is great advice and it hit me right in the
    feels, hahaha 

  3. Angela Kurz says:

    Omg, can we work out together?! 🙂 You’re amazing!

  4. RJCA123456789 says:

    She looks like a porn star

  5. Abigail Cockrum says:

    That was beautiful. After watching this it lets ne realize that its
    important for me and myself concensus. And other things cuz it really made
    me think about it and theres so many reasoms now that I think. So thank you
    so much for this

  6. Susie Matos says:

    Thanks for being real!

  7. Sahiba r says:


  8. Trinity Maria says:

    Needed this. EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks:)

  9. kaled009 says:

    i was motivated tell i watched this video

  10. coshun2003able says:

    Great Advice

  11. ThatSoftballGirl16 says:

    I will ask myself what and why thx ur amazing and u are really pretty

  12. Noor Aouad says:

    Omg just what I need!! I so needed this!! and by the way you have the same
    voice as sandra bullock.. and kinda look like her … THAAAAAAAAAANK UUUU

  13. Colby Butler says:


  14. Jessica Malloru says:

    Thanks for the help 

  15. Diana Garfias says:

    Your really inspirational and I can tell what you say is real and you make
    it sound believable. I have to figure out what I want and why I want it
    because it switches all the time but ultimately I want to lose 33 pounds
    I’ll put 35 because I don’t like odd numbers.

  16. tabithajoyy says:

    Thank you for this! I was just going to be lazy today and not workout but I
    watched this as got off my butt and did some turbofire & Ab work. I have
    lost 83lbs but have been losing motivation lately n I have about 10-15lbs
    to go. I really am glad i watched this today

  17. ccinah94 says:

    You know what you are soo right! This made me think about myself and my
    plans and what I want. Thanks for this really.

  18. Taylor says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I am deffinently motivated now.

  19. Jayme Bales says:

    For some reason I was expecting you to have an accent lol

  20. mrsfigueroa33 says:

    That is soo true….u are sooo awesome had to sub:)

  21. Erin Marquis says:

    thank you for this video !!! (you look like Sandra Bolock)!!!! haha

  22. benley83 says:

    Christina your awesome! Love your real-ness Much success to you!!

  23. xXUniqueFriendsXx says:

    i lost 3 pounds in a day..

  24. Davaughna Benson says:

    Your amazing and so motivational. Said exactly what I needed to hear and
    was real talk

  25. Christina Carlyle says:

    Yay!! I’m glad too!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss so far!!
    That’s awesome to hear 🙂 Please let me know if you need any help 🙂

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