How to fly the B-17 Part 1 Ground Operations 1943 US Army Air Forces Training Film World War II

more at “Military training film in which an instructor takes a new B-17 bomber pilot through preflight inspections of the aircraft…

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  1. FirstName LastName says:

    Re: fire extinguishers. The military has different SOPs than the civilian
    world and a fire guard was routine. Years ago, when we ran our CV-340 (PW
    R2800 engines) we would have a fire guard in place (and it was a civilian

    As for the on-board fire extinguishers, they work on a fire under the
    cowling but cannot extinguish a carburetor or exhaust stack fire; THAT is
    why a fire guard was often seen in front of a round motor like these.

  2. cole madden says:

    im ready

  3. William Drewes says:

    Remember, honor our troops from the past and present.

  4. john zammit says:

    I would venture to say that the crew of the air show does not have the same
    military procedures as the air force. I think it is just an extra
    precaution because at the time there were fleets of this in the air.

  5. MrWookie21 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I like those army instructions movies.

  6. paulmurphy42 says:

    QUESTION: The B17 had the same engines as the DC3, but whenever I’ve seen
    DC3s start up at airshows I’m sure they haven’t had a man with a fire
    extinguisher standing behind the engine. Why not?

  7. Harman Motor Works says:

    Why take the risk when you could just as easily have someone there with an
    extinguisher. The B17 was fitted in onboard extinguishers, but no harm in
    the extra precaution I say.

  8. paulmurphy42 says:

    I appreciate your reply but it doesn’t really answer my question. Does
    anyone know the answer? Thanks.

  9. Zeki Enes Akkan says:

    Webdev17 does a great job! I can’t believe only 5 people had watched this
    before me, despite the hours that have passed since the upload.

  10. TheTimesniper says:

    Great stuff

  11. Zeki Enes Akkan says:

    29:08 It is very interesting that the carburateur air filter indicator
    lights resemble the nuclear radiation sign.

  12. bisbeejim says:

    I have over 1000 times read checklists before a flight and I’m only an
    instructor! Just think of those guys that have 10,000 hour of flying. I bet
    they start looking for a checklist just to start the car.

  13. dave Drolett says:

    B-17 gave Hitler’s Germany holy hell.

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