How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

Kimberly Snyder, author of the Beauty Detox Solution and Beauty Detox Foods, shares her best tips for eating healthy on the go. Check out her blog here:
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22 Responses

  1. Paula Brooks says:

    Pseudoscience…trying sell books and making people scared to eat. 

  2. sunil sai says:

    Great Information, thank you!

    I have almost ruined myself by dieting in order to reduce weight and my
    family was very worried, because i use to gain and loose weight abruptly.

    Luckily, I started using this “How To Eat” mobile app by lokesh which made
    me eat the right foods and in right way and using a game like points
    etc.and made it funny!

    now, i have reduce weight in a clean way

  3. stickybubblegum says:

    That’s the problem when you take advice from a lay person who has probably
    only studied nutrition or dietetics rather than science. Most nutritionists
    have no clue when it comes to the science behind what they are promoting.

  4. aresdancer says:

    Yes. When I read her first book I was like “gosh…this will be the new
    fad”. Kim should feel a responsibility to discuss scientific truths, and
    not make claims that simply sound ideal to fit her raw diet. Also, about
    the food combining, your body releases enzymes together for that work to
    digest each macronutrient, combining foods really doesn’t matter…

  5. tubaforeva says:

    This was so helpful. I would love it if you could do a vlog or something
    telling us what you eat on a daily basis, and also if you could share with
    us some healthy packed lunch ideas 🙂

  6. aresdancer says:

    The fact that the stomach functions on an acidic pH, so most the enzymes
    you eat from raw food are denatured in the stomach. The emphasis on enzymes
    in Kim’s philosophy is completely insignificant. I eat raw, but it’s not
    because I’m like oooooh enzymes…ohhhh these enzymes will make me
    beautiful, no, they’re just enzymes! I work with them in lab, should we all
    just have enzymes in pill forms as food to sustain our beauty and bodies?
    Her claims are refutable. Do your research on body functions.

  7. Bijay Lamichhane says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these people do it
    easily using Cosmos Fat Loss (check it out on Google).

  8. cineastasolaris says:

    You are helthy. Fun inteligent and beautiful. What can a man ask more?
    Hello from Mexico City. Alex Lara

  9. mi moe says:

    The enzymes in raw foods are easily digested because the body does not need
    to leach its own enzymes in order to digest it. So when you eat tons of
    cooked, starchy foods, youre essentially taking away enzymes from your body.

  10. aresdancer says:


  11. Amber Jankovsky says:

    So then what is your scientific reason for eating raw food? Or do you
    simply like it?

  12. Bijay Lamichhane says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these people do it
    easily using Cosmos Fat Loss (check it out on Google).

  13. Amber Jankovsky says:

    Your body WILL digest the food of course, so what you’re saying is true.
    But what Kimberly is trying to say is that some pairs are just EASIER
    digesting together than others. And as she is trying to incorporate not
    just a lifestyle diet but a DETOX, obviously complete total %100 optimum
    digestion is necessary. She is definitely not saying that if you combine
    the wrong foods, you’ll puke or something.

  14. mythical maiden says:

    What about it are you labeling pseudoscience?

  15. aresdancer says:

    I love Kim’s diet but I don’t understand her psuedo-science…They way she
    justifies her dies in terms of science is what I don’t agree with, the diet
    is beautiful but her reasoning is idiotic.

  16. chtitmog says:

    Great tips, Kim! Thank you!! 🙂

  17. Hanna Reid says:

    Thanks Kim! My sister and I love you!!

  18. ahh2k says:

    fuck outta here u idiot spammer.

  19. hayabusa3560 says:

    Write a script, use a tripod and for the love of god keep your hands under

  20. xEcstasyx1 says:

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    happening. people are ignorant as fuck so they wont mind/cannot recognize
    when somebody else is ignorant.

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