How to Eat Healthy for BJJ under $50 a week

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25 Responses

  1. Emotional Contagion says:

    Heshpeck to the Irish – Oss!!

  2. Barry irlandi says:

    the wonders of being a single man… I love the Republic of Ireland top 

  3. Mike Hauben says:

    Hi Jon, you said you put the oats in a shake? Stupid question maybe but do
    you just throw them in there and blend it up? Or do you cook it first?

  4. luke jarvis says:

    Awesome ! – thank you dude – try putting the chicken with lemon and chilli
    and let sit for atleast an hour – if you were to let it sit for a few days
    it should actually cook the chicken! – enjoy i hope you enjoy as i will
    your recipes :)

  5. Hippus Produtora says:

    Nice pack man!!! Could you make another video explaining how do you
    distribute day by day And meal by meal if it’s possible??? Thanks a lot!!!

  6. David Cruz says:

    I am curious to see the actual meals you prepare. And any way to see a log
    of what times and what you eat for a day?

  7. TexasTuffFightStuff says:

    Awesome diet, I do the chicken and tilapia. The breading with the egg white
    and oats sounds good. 

  8. Riku Pirinen says:

    I gotta try this…

  9. janis rozenbergs says:

    Ireland yupyup

  10. Mafalda Simão says:

    Do you mix your oats with milk or water? Also, do you eat any rice at all
    with your main meals? Thank you.

  11. moristar1101 says:

    Egg whites in a carton?! I cannot believe my eyes.

  12. Evan O'Reilly says:

    Loving the Irish jersey! Nice one.

  13. yusuf baydoun says:

    That is healthy but how can you eat this man!!!! :0

  14. 3DaveP says:

    Thanks for sharing bro.

  15. Milan Kabeš says:

    Do you make a list of all food do you show us. my english is bad. i don’t
    understand all of what you say. Thank you.

  16. Christopher Houp says:

    What is your opinion on black coffee? This is similar to what I eat each
    week.. but I do have a few cups of black coffee with my breakfast.

  17. Jay Bulmer says:

    what briliance, what an honest face. If people only knew the truth.

  18. Jay Bulmer says:


  19. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Trader Joe’s is inexpensive, IF you do it right” lol.

  20. realerik123 says:

    damn i dont have a trader joes and that stuff would cost me 80 dollars in
    my local supermarket

  21. Jon Brookhouse says:


  22. CurseOfTheGods says:

    The jersey <3

  23. G G says:

    how record us every meal and put it together in video

  24. Jordon schultz says:

    My non expert understanding is that sugar causes muscle and joint
    inflammation and is like poison for grapplers. Especially if you’re a high
    volume trainer with 3-4 hours of training 5-6 days a week.

  25. iamjason says:

    How much do you weight normally when you are not competing ? just curious

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