How to Eat Healthy at a Truck Stop – Truck Driver Health Tips | If you stop at a truck stop, you might think it’s impossible to eat healthy. However, if you know what to look for, it’s easy to choose items that are better…

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  1. Austin Onyeche says:

    When I was a Nursing Major I took a course in Nutrition where I was told by
    my professor, who was a licensed Nutritionist, that the only impact sugar
    has on a persons diet is the potential to rot teeth. Is this true? Where
    are you getting your info from? Thanks for posting the video, I like the
    healthy food choices.

  2. Andres Tomas says:

    What if your a truck driver with celiac decease 

  3. Winterstick549 says:

    I load my fridge up with water, fruit, veggies which I eat raw. If you peel
    and freeze two super ripe bananas, blend them with any other fruit, a half
    a cup of coconut milk, or almond milk, or whatever you like,a half teaspoon
    of vanilla extract, add protein powder if you want,,and you have one super
    healthy and super tasty smoothie.

  4. Michael Sloop says:

    Great info. As a driver for the past couple of yrs…I have noticed my
    weight jump to unhealthy fast. I have been trying to stay away from fast
    food….but healthy choices seem more expensive these days.

  5. justinnate82 says:

    this guy was sugar this, sugar that, but he never mention another item that
    should always be looked at. And that is Sodium. Sodium can cause high blood
    pressure and heart problems. Specially when you’re sitting behind a wheel
    of a 18 wheeler 11 hours out of the day and not exercising.

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