How To Eat Carbs And Still Have A Six Pack

Get abs eating tasty food. What’s up, It’s Mike Chang and today I want to talk about carbs. I want to talk about how many carbs you actually need in a day,…
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  1. Tom Löffel says:

    Carbs dont make u fat, to much calories makes you fat… High carb and low
    fat is the best way to loose weight healthy. 

  2. Richard Pallas says:

    The low carb fad has gone too far. When you cut carbs, you add protein and
    fats to your diet. Too much protein can overwork your liver and if your
    getting too much animal protein you will overdose on methionine, which
    causes cancer. Fats are also bad. Fat goes into your cells, damages then so
    that they become insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes. Compared to
    fat and animal protein, carbs are quite harmless if you eat complex carbs.
    Most of your calories should come from complex carbs from fruits,
    vegetables, grains, and next most important nutrient is protein, following
    my small amounts of fat. This is government guidelines and it is correct.
    This low carb fringe science fad needs to stop. 

  3. Neil says:

    this is the most retarded video i have ever seen 

  4. Bob Arker says:

    Can someone please get me a carb tank measuring stick

  5. iCharlie17 says:

    But I don’t undérstand. To build muscle you need more calories than the
    ones you eat. If you don’t eat a lot of carbs, how do you build the muscle?
    What do you eat? 

  6. barry mclaughlin says:


  7. Ariana Brooking says:

    O crap i just didthat o no

  8. Nate Thornton says:

    If you exert yourself daily carbs are great. I keep the tank full because I
    will burn off 500+ calories getting my 10000 steps in each day on S health.
    Do the work and put it down regardless of people’s carbophobia

  9. moody_2000 says:

    Mike how many grams of carbs should I have at least a day after a workout
    and at night and what are the foods that contain carbohydrates ????

  10. Timothy johnson says:

    hey mike I wanted to say I appreciate everything your doing for the guys in
    general im so passionate about my health that if I lived in the same area
    as you and you let me I would join your team every since ive been watching
    and listening to you ive been hooked thanks for lacing me with your health
    and fitness game you look great every since ive been watching and listening
    to you ive been trying to get your health and physique cause I take pride
    in my health and how I look were both men so you can probably guess the
    other reasons why I trying to get ripped however I got a quick question for
    you I looked at multiple video’s of yours on carbs what makes a bonified
    intense workout for you to carb up in this video you did a great job of
    letting u know how and when to use carbs now we just need to know what kind
    of workout and how intense the workouts to use carbs for

  11. Alan Chen says:

    Just like the white conservative Obama haters.

    Whites hating on this dude because he is a successful ASIAN bodybuilder.

    But thankfully, more people sre not prejudice which is why mike change is
    most subscribed and Obama is president


  12. ChangeYourLife says:

    This is ridiculous. So many people watch these videos, you need to actually
    educate yourself. The videos on my channel actually have clinical data to
    back them up. You don’t get fat by eating carbs. you get fat by eating fat.
    The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Never limit your carbs. Eat more to do
    more. Live life carbed up, What is the point of only having maximum energy
    during your workouts? Hogwash.

  13. Dandangalo Dangalus says:

    Who is this dipshit and why do his videos appear at the front page of
    Youtube every time I log on? We get it, you’re into fitness. People with
    real jobs don’t often have 3 hours to pound iron and pose in the mirror
    every day. 

  14. Babita Burathoki says:

    I think a lot of people have bad comments because they are envious. I think
    Mike is doing a great job – gives good advice – especially with the
    workouts and tips on lean protein. Keep going, Mike!!!

  15. Robert Flodman says:

    Aah Chang you fat bastard.

  16. Vik Perry says:

    This guy saying one stupid thing after the other!!!…My carb intake is 15
    grams a day, and my energy level is awesome, and my muscles are everything
    but flat, and hell yes I’m much more shredded than you are Mr. six pack
    Just keep loading your “Carb tank” like what??? WTF is a carb tank?..LOL
    And you have 3 million followers?…You’re a genius for sure, because you
    can feed all your crap to those people and those poor bastards believe

  17. andrademeza says:

    is this that mike chang guy?

  18. Le Gros Jambon says:

    you look like a big homo to me. get over yourself

  19. Chachuization says:

    what a load of bullshit

  20. Purple Hazer says:

    I’ve lost 7 min of my life for this crap :(

  21. Alex Usenko says:

    what job does he have

  22. Vira Rohirrim says:

    Strong Broscience mate xD

  23. Lace ThaGreat says:

    How much does this guy weigh?

  24. Brian Dang says:

    How do you explain people in 80/10/10 diet(80 percent carb, 10 protein and
    fat) and still have 6 packs? Look it up in youtube.

  25. FutureLaugh says:

    fruits? fructose is only metabolized in the liver and replenishes liver
    glycogen but not muscle glycogen. I dont suggest listening to this advice

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