How to Easily Memorize the Multiplication Table I The Great Courses

Most of us, when faced with math problems like these, immediately reach for a calculator or a pen. But imagine if you could perform these and other seemingly difficult—but surprisingly easy—cal…
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  1. Jay Ellis says:

    I don’t get that

  2. Earnest To says:

    We Chinese memorize the multiplication table by “9 time table song” (《九因歌》)
    since childhood. This “9 times table song” has been invented 2000 years
    ago. It is very useful and that’s why we Chinese can tell you the result of
    any multiplication less than 100 almost at once. My daugther learned “9
    time table song” at six.










  3. samar albastaki says:

    And also in 9x table if u didn’t realize that if u look all first number
    from 0 to 9 and of course 1 x 9 = is 9 so u don’t need to add 0 but then It
    will be like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then u go to the end which is 9 x 10 u
    will see that u need to start from zero until 9 and then the full answer is
    done it kind of hard to explain it on that way but it’s a very easy and
    interesting way 

  4. PAZ ZZZ says:

    that was cool huh.. im so shocked!!! by the way thanks for the tips..

  5. CARSON51597 says:

    I made it to grade 9 without knowing my times table. XD

  6. Eli Whiterod says:

    Just by being at this video i swear i have no life….

  7. Eliane Hale says:
  8. Daanish Nair says:

    I don’t understand that at all this video is not good for me

  9. kitsurubami says:

    i google my multiplications.

  10. Maddie Edwards says:

    I’m mines 144 i think 

  11. Tori Elmquist says:

    there is also the finger counting trick to 9s. if you hold you hands out
    fingers spread and you start at the left and count by the multiplier ,
    bending that finger down, your hands make the number for the answer. So
    9X7, you start on the left and count all 5 fingers on the left hand, the
    thumb on the right hand and then hold down the index finger on the right
    hand. This leaves 6 fingers to the left of the bent finger and 3 fingers to
    the right- or 63.

  12. Accel ZERO says:

    Let A be 1-10. 1 and 2 easy, 3 : 3, 6, 9 12 … , 4 : on the ten-place
    number if EVEN number it will be 0, 4 or 8, if it’s a ODD number, will be 2
    or 6, so since even has 3 numbers and odd has 2, so from 0(single digit
    number)4×0 to 4×2(even), 4×3 to 4x 4(odd), 4×5(even) ,
    4×8(odd), 4×10(even)… , 5 : 5 x A = Ax10/2, 6 : twice speed of 3, 7: juz
    learn, 8 : juz learn, 9 : 9xA = 10xA – A, 10 : number x A = plus one
    0 behind number. Just learn the rules and it will be easy in your brain. I
    got scolded in primary 1 for not using hand to count. lol.

  13. Daanish Nair says:

    oh really you made it to grade 9 I didn’t know that

  14. Jackie Tang says:


  15. Agus Budiono says:


  16. Sneha Prasad says:

    Thank u

  17. Joshua Harper says:
  18. Shabit Hassan says:

    I’m just here to learn my 13-20 times table. 

  19. Josh Gaming says:


  20. Daanish Nair says:

    oh really you made it to grade 9 I didn’t know that

  21. E.T. says:

    Learning is the most amazing/fun gift you can give someone. School however
    can make learning for some people impossible.

  22. TheFlamingSkittles01 says:

    Mind blown!

  23. Randy Untalan says:


  24. vespass2 says:

    Thanks so. Much.♣

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