How to dye your hair at home! It’s so easy!

Hey ladies! I thought i would film myself dying my hair since i know a lot of people don’t really know how! I hope this helps you, and please subscribe to my channel if you havent! Find me…
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  1. Earl almencion says:

    My mom have black hair colour and she wanted it to be brown so i bought the
    loreal brown colour for her i did everything on the tutorial and still my
    moms hair is still black i didn’t put any plastic bag on her hair was that
    the wrong part i put the whole product on her hair

  2. Ashley khazanova says:

    The color looks nice 🙂 you remind me a little bit of the girl on my big
    fat greek wedding haha after she got pretty of course but in the face you
    look similar

  3. joe mama says:

    I’m a guy and I want to dye my hair black. If I do dye my hair black would
    I still be able to fauxhawk it?

  4. burhan gül says:

    after u washed ur hairs, without make up, you looked so different than you
    do before really :D

  5. Marie Oskowitz says:

    Thank you for the video. Bought the same exact brand today and planning to
    dye it on my own tomorrow n.n

  6. Ananya Deshpande says:

    Why do you have to rinse it thru after 25 minutes?

  7. Madelyn Bentley says:

    youre not suppose to rinse it in warm water that strips color your suppose
    to rinse it in the coldest water you can get

  8. Jana Rodriquez says:

    that’s like the opposite from what i was taught unless my mind is going . I
    thought they said to do the top first cause its the hardest to take color
    so no problems cause that looks easier :)

  9. joy garcia says:

    Thank you so much for the video! I’ve dyed my hair before, but you gave me
    some good tips here.

  10. Abo Yahia says:

    This is for permanent hair dye right?

  11. Taghreed Baumy says:

    Thank you verymuch

  12. Rhea.Rideout says:
  13. Eso Phagus says:

    that was not an ugly shirt you noob

  14. Carrie Kelley says:

    What do u mean by virgin? I did buy two boxes to be safe

  15. Jaco Erasmus says:

    lovely face

  16. The Minions says:

    omfg. i got the revlon colorsilk for $6.50 ._. and i got 2 boxes. now i’m
    broke :/

  17. DolphinSunsets says:

    $3 !!! :O

    I buy the same brand, but in a red and it costs me over $15 !!! I live in
    Australia though, so maybe that’s why :/

  18. Brinty Spreas says:

    lol, just mix #1 with #2 shake it, put the gloves and put it on

  19. natasha miley says:

    If your hair is blonde and pink can you dye it all black because I told my
    friend to dye it black and she said she will surprise me and se made me
    blonde and pink but I want black PS my blonde and pink was only in my hair
    for a week

  20. Abagail Gutierrez says:

    hi does hair dying damage your hair a lot

  21. Carrie Kelley says:

    One more thing do you have any tips on how to do the back of your hair?

  22. MrGrey1997 says:

    do you not have to bleach your hair before you put the color dye on. 

  23. Moonshine Kitten says:

    I want to dye the tips of my hair a color but I can’t choose! (I have brown


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