How to design like an architect

Learn about architecture and design with Doug Patt at the Architect’s Academy. Hi, Im Doug Patt and this is How to design like an architect. I thought…
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  1. Magnus Lyckå says:

    “It’s in the doing that the idea comes!” I can’t say I like the house he
    drew, but I like the quote. I’m not sure he understood the quote himself
    though. Drawing and doing are very different things…

  2. BaconDestructor says:

    Cliff erosion would destabilize the houses. assuming that at least at high
    tide the cliff below is struck by water.

  3. 0J0o0h0n0n0y0 says:

    I’m sorry but that is the most depressing dream home I’ve ever seen
    before… there is a lot of space to run around outside I get that, but
    inside, people like to not feel confined…

  4. Tegan Stott says:

    How to design like a really really really shit Architect.

  5. Vicente Arancibia says:

    that house has no observations, just making what the client asks for is so

  6. Simple Home Art Decor Ideas says:

    Back in 2008? I wonder what would it be if kelly order the design service
    in 2014

  7. 남동훈 says:

    fuck this design is sucks

  8. Nebulonic Alchemy says:
  9. IDEA Nashik says:

    This will certainly encourage the youngsters to build their career as a
    designer or architect.

  10. Timothy Classen says:

    This is amazing!

  11. hadj Adoui says:
  12. blugreen lp says:
  13. ThePersistenT says:

    Please youtubers view my channel for my real and chilling videos for
    Architecture related tutorials…

  14. proximaism says:

    could you please design my future house 1x1meter

  15. DucTin Huynh says:

    bén :)

  16. hicham ouhassi says:
  17. BRANDON NYUNT says:

    I just love architecture as architects get to reinvent their emotions,
    ideas and planning onto one small house or a 10,000 skyscraper 

  18. Gingi says:

    She can get this dream house only if engineers will acept this chalange :D

  19. Bella Wood says:

    Im 14, and I’m looking to be an architect in the future. You videos
    are awesome! and reveal the truth about architecture. Im just not sure if
    it is worth it.. It looks really complicated, and hard. I know their are
    classes and such, but did you ever doubt yourself when you were thinking
    about architecture??? Your response would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  20. Andrea Jordan says:
  21. vefge says:


  22. parag ingale says:

    thank u very much astudent of architecture it was really helpful for
    me…i would like to see more of ur videos.

  23. Vania Mahdi says:

    I would love to see you design my dream house! 😀
    These for inspiration; good view, inspiration from Paul Klee (his work
    Crystal Gradation), kubisme 😀 

  24. Angel Camarillo says:

    I’m freshman architecture student and I admit that I suck at design. I love
    watching your videos. :)))

    Please give me more tips about designing. Thanks!

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