How To Delete YouTube History | 2015

How To Delete YouTube History | 2015 Full video transcript: How To Delete YouTube History If you want to delete YouTube history, from anywhere on YouTube, first of all click on the top right…

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25 Responses

  1. Victoria Walters says:

    Simple instruction. Thanks

  2. SingingSassyRainbowzzz says:

    How to delete youtube history 2013*

  3. Suzette Calderon says:


  4. adobephotoshoptutorial4all says:

    Nice tutorial……..

  5. MetalGrannie says:

    Help! Please! For the last couple of days, the checkboxes have
    disappeared. I am not able to delete any history, and I don’t see an
    arrow on the upper right corner!

  6. Logan S says:

    Does anyone know why I can’t click on the boxes to be able to delete

    I’ve had this problem for the last week now. Please share info if you have

    Also my history “load more option” does not work. I cannot access videos
    I’ve watched beyond a few weeks. 

  7. delfina angeles says:

    Thank you I like it .

  8. Joseph Wise says:

    THIS is on pc not on phone you tube app. Tell me delete my history on
    YouTube app?

  9. scenscof7 says:

    i cant tick my boxes since yesterday, it was no problem before. please

  10. Ggbg Gtgg says:

    سكس فديو السعوديه 

  11. Ziya Ahmadsoy says:

    I can’t use “Delete separately” function. It doesn’t let me just check one
    box. Does anyone have any idea ? 

  12. heren noweleven says:

    My web page is different than yours.
    Here is what I must do.
    On the upper left side of the screen, next to the U tube logo, click on the
    3 bars/triangle. On that dropdown list click “history”. Now here is how,
    run the cursor over the upper right corner of each individual item. Three
    dots in a vertical row will appear. Click on this and a rather large box
    with “remove from watch history” appears. Click it.

  13. punkypineASMR says:

    I don’t understand why this has so many down votes. It helped me. Thank

  14. PUU-TAAH Nin Nin says:

    It doesn’t even let me tick the damn boxes

  15. Herc Zeus says:

    My Watch History won’t let me check a single video to delete it. It’s all
    or nothing.

  16. Yeah_Sure says:

    Hi, for some reason I cannot tick the boxes in my history anymore.. that
    is, I can select all or none at all… whereas before I could individually
    select items and delete them… Do you, or someone here, know how to solve
    this problem? it is a recent thing… and I like to keep my history so I
    can go back to the things I really like, but there are some misses as well
    that I’d gladly get rid off…

  17. meena malikzada says:

    thank u 

  18. alnka1974 says:

    Thanks for the video, but it seems there is no watched history feature on
    the left anymore only searched history!

  19. 1KonceptMusic says:

    If your watch history doesn’t appear just click this link

  20. wolvesrfun says:

    Now my History doesn’t appear in my playlist bar. How do I put it back on
    the playlist bar?

  21. Faiyz Bunny says:

    Doesn’t work anymore.

  22. JK193765 says:

    WHEW!!…thank god because I have some nasty history.

  23. delfina angeles says:

    Thanks ,Its simple ,working and latest. Hope for more solutions for the
    good of the Internet.Congrats.

  24. androidgeek1000 says:


  25. Keith D says:

    why is it doing this? it’s never done this before

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