How To Delete History On Mozilla Firefox – Clear Cache!

This tutorial will teach you how to clear your private data from Mozilla Firefox browser. Clear browser history such as; recent history,cookies and google searches in Firefox. You can see how…
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25 Responses

  1. Nuclear Cupcake65 says:

    Thank you so much, I was afraid just in case my mom got on without me
    logging off, for some reason went to Mozilla Firefox, trying to type in
    PECO or some shit, looking through my history and seeing all of my… well,
    never mind.

  2. TheMurlocGamer says:

    And we all came here to hide our porn history XD

  3. mohammed kawzar says:

    thanx very much i was very tension with that now ok

  4. Sundari Pandian says:


  5. وائل محمود says:


  6. Dexter VIKING says:

    Thanks man i had searched for kids fight just for a work in school and this
    was my school computer and when i saw this clip i had one day on me to
    delete my history before i had to handin the computer so thanks again :D

  7. Ivan Tomas says:


  8. Zayn Malik says:

    how about if menou bar is not tick

  9. Rosely Chame says:
  10. Ayush Malik says:

    how to do that

  11. CyanKnoxKitten says:

    thx man i put in randomswear words in google translate

  12. CrowdPleeza says:

    Does Firefox have an automatic history delete feature where it will
    automaticlly delete your history after a certain number of days?

  13. littlemissprinces17 says:

    dude iwasn’t watching porn as u assume lml ijust have alot of stuff that is

  14. jordon friedrich says:


  15. MrBaracuda T. says:

    I sure will! 🙂 YW

  16. nickscomputerfix says:

    Glad it helped. When you get a chance please SUBSCRIBE and give me a
    “LIKE”. Tks

  17. Rainfeatherthecat says:

    it didn’t work for just made it worse 🙁

  18. nickscomputerfix says:

    Glad it helped to get rid of all the other stuff you don’t want lying
    around on your computer. When you get a chance please SUBSCRIBE and give
    me a “LIKE”. Tks

  19. The Almighty king from berg who owns a toaster says:

    most of the people came here from Porn

  20. Madison Alldridge says:

    thanks all my porn is clear =3

  21. nickscomputerfix says:

    Glad my video help you out. Tks

  22. ujustgotscrined says:


  23. nickscomputerfix says:

    It has an automatic setting that will “Clear history when Firefox closes”.

  24. nickscomputerfix says:

    Just about every company & school with more than a few employees or
    students will probably have some sort of internet monitoring installed.
    This means they have log files that you have no access to or any means of
    clearing browsing history.

  25. PerfectionHunter says:

    It dosent work. Even if i clear all history the full url of a visited page
    still shows up if i start writing the webpage name in the browser. Fucking

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